a warrior easter




we just wanted to drop by in those busy times
to wish all you sweethearts a beautiful easter !
we warriors went a bit rock n’ roll this one,
and gave our easter eggs tattoos.
here with some of the most important
words we know. 

so go at it in the childrens department
and buy some temporary tattoos,
or colorful rub-ons if you feel more
like bright birds & butterflies,
~ that’s our little tip for easter..

live. laugh. love.
fight for that. always. 




with love, 

the warriors





© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors



spring ’13



{metal tray ’egoïste’ | soon in the shop | our showroom kitchen}

along with our project for the 
concierge area at MOOD, stockholm,
we’re working on getting the newly arrived
beauties into the shop. we’re so happy
about your inquiries; that you got your eyes on us,
~ and we promise to hurry hurry hurry. 
you’re in the mood for spring, just
like us it seems. sweeties !


{metal tray [clean] | soon in the shop}

some of the things we’re so happy to see,
finally in our own nordic environment,
along with the already popular bronze lanterns,
is the love warriors metal trays; handmade 
from old oil-drums and the simply s t u n n i n g
vintage wooden bowls that we’ve, in our minds, 
already placed in so many clean, 
glossy settings; to add that final; organic, 
genuine & unique touch we always
aspire for‚ ~ and love.



{vintage wooden bowls | soon in the shop}

we promise to keep you updated here & on instagram,
on when we release those new arrivals in the shop.
perhaps we’ll have time to show you
some more of it here, before then.
in any case; we wish you a beautiful new week !
see you soon. stay happy.

with love,

the warriors



styling : sara n bergman
©hannah lemholt | love warriors



in bed with love warriors




well, there you have us, 
on a sunny morning after a long night
in stockholm. this photo actually  came to speak
a very true thing about us; about how 
every time we meet it’s super cosy
and so much fun it’s hard to say in words
 {also we don’t wanna nauseate you}.







yvonne, per, sara, hannah .. and introducing kerstin


 images are starting to surface on your beautiful blogs
 {like the lovely moonbeams and cloudberries, stunning and
super-talented anna at elle, and others,
and over on instagram there’s beautiful snaps
of the things you’ve started receiving in the mail. 
thank you, lovelies, for sharing, ~ it’s so
sweet to see how our things are taking their place
in your homes and how you capture them.

thank you !

more photos & new arrivals to come. 
the showroom is filling up with beauties 
that make us long for spring even more,
~ let’s make it a great one !



the warriors





photo n°1 : photography by patrik bernhardsson
photo n°5 of hannah : sara n bergman
all other photography & post production : hannah lemholt
© hannah lemholt | love warriors





killer cute & ceramics



we’ve had our first dinner date using the
love warriors ceramics.
and what a dinner it was.
with all the warriors coming
together there’s something that
seem to always happen.

let’s just say it’s magic.




{dinner plate + plate : love warriors}


the ceramic is handmade & we love how
it has that organic feel; just the way we wanted it
and how the bowls remind us of shapes from 
nature; like shells, and how well it goes 
with both rough linen & striped paper napkins,
and how it just.. works, ~ in the ways that 
you don’t really know on a sketchpad, but
until you all of a sudden eat from it,
put it in the microwave oven, or  accidentally
drop one, or deliberately throw one
as the greek spirit moves you further into the
night for that matter. we’ll say it again..




{salt, ~ & pepper shakers | mini bowl | mother of pearl spoon : love warriors}

we’re planning for spring, 
we’re gonna bombard you with photographs, 
we’re sending packages for you lovelies around the world, 
we’ve got to use the ’sold out’ sticker more than we
were prepared for, ~ & we’re loving every single minute.
we’ve also grown by one additional warrior.
meet kerstin. also known as killer-kerstin.
{the kitchen-broom is.no.more.}  





so that’s some new treasures for you.
more to come. much much love,

the warriors





model : kerstin
LW ceramics : soon in le shop
styling / home : sara n bergman 
© hannah lemholt | love warriors