a reminder of peace




they started in the heart and hands of our lovely designer,
created with pen and paper, 
and was then, in collaboration with artisans,
specialized in recycled teak;
brought to life. the love warriors peace coasters

however they were sold out on the very 
first opening night of le shop. 
now they’re finally back, as a beautiful, useful
constant reminder of just that; 

peace .




we let ours grace our kitchens;
making a pure statement of clean lines,
complementing the boho chic details in shell & horn,
and like art among our silver trays;
all on display on the counter,
~ & then put on the table to hold pots and pans.





on a sidenote, a little heads up & another
reminder & symbol of peace, the dove,
we wanted to let you know the fine art print
’sky-circles’  by hannah lemholt is now on its 
last few numbers & will be sold out shortly,
~ for you who’s perhaps lingering
on that one.


Sky-Circles 4



peace, love,
~ & a beautiful weekend,

the warriors 




image n°3, 4 & 5 | location / home : marie olsson nylander
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all photography © hannah lemholt | love warriors

hey summer,




come on in,
we’re longing to see you !




 in the meantime we’ll just keep working
on sending frames, skulls, shell pendants etc
to our lovely customers around the world. mm’key ?

on the subject of skulls;

some restock on the white lace longhorns
will be expected next week, so be prepared, you
lovelies who’s been sad to miss out.




specially for the swedes :

under vecka 25 är kärleks-krigarna samlade
i skåne för både fest & jobb, 
~ & då passar vi på att köra hemleveranser
av de mer svår-skickade finheter Ni efterfrågar;
som urnor & ramar, till Er godingar nere i
de södra delarna av vårt vackra land.
{mer info kommer i love letter om Du
’signat upp’ Dig för det..}



with love,

the warriors




homes / styling : sara n bergman / hannah lemholt
got questions ? get answers : info@lwos.se
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© hannah lemholt / love warriors 



we love leather



it started with wishes for a beautiful 
way to carry our laptops around.
we were on a plane somewhere over 
indonesia, ~ & our dreams were flying
equally high. said and done; sara started
sketching and come 2013 we found an
amazing swedish tannery, a little
company with a lot of heart and skill,
that has been producing some of
the world’s finest premium leather 
since 1873, ~ & with just the 
environmentally sound production and
standpoint that we wanna be part of.


LWLeatherLaceEnvironment01 LWLeatherLaceEnvironment02

if you’re curious, tärnsjö ~ house of leather,
has some beautiful short movies about
the story behind the tannery that
’open the doors to their unique business, 
share the ethos of their craftsmen
and the spirit of the beautiful place they
call home‘. we are so happy it is them 
that are now completing sara’s
visions for our love leather range,
~ & so proud to say not only
’said and done’,
but also dreamt and done ..


LWLeatherLonghornsModel03 LWLeatherLonghornsModel02


last but not least
we are also so happy about
the amazing & lovely feedback
from you guys; on these first
two items in the love leather range,
~ & as some of you have wanted
to know over on instagram;
yes ! do sign up for love letters
here with us,
to receive a heads up when
’longhorns’ &’ lovelace’ are to
be released in le shop.

with love, 

the warriors



designer : sara n bergman
model : troy hébert 
photographer : hannah lemholt
© hannah lemholt | love warriors



we’re dreamers





yay, it’s may !
.. and in may we’re in love with all things aussie,
~ & in particular the loveliest of girls
down under : spell and the gypsy collective
{represented in sweden by the sweethearts at kyss johanna},
shell accessories of all kinds, the fact that we are
now able to go barefoot in the garden, ~ & the dream
of going back to bali later this summer.




 yay, it’s may !
what are you in love with ?


happy day,

the warriors




kimono | tahitian moon – blush | spell 
vintage bronze mudra hands | love warriors
image 1 & 2 | selfportraits | hannah lemholt
image 3 & 5 | styling / home | sara n bergman
image 4 | kupu kupu barong, bali 
all photography | © hannah lemholt