We are dropping by to leave this love letter for you.
So much of the action these days are taking place over on instagram,
but there’s not quite space for all we wanna tell you on there,
– & this is the place to come to know more..

The LW s/s15 collection La Bohème is being given its final touches
in packaging and details, – & is set to launch in the shop come late april.
The collection will bring some big time favorites of ours..



.. finally the LW office, – & travel series will start building,
with among others; pieces we’ve been missing ourselves when travelling & working.
Like a beautiful way to dust that keyboard and computer screen,
– with a LW designed feather duster, pretty enough to grace the desk always
with its timeless and monochrome feathers & shells.
Like the bigger LW passport cover (wallet / travel case) that also holds
your boarding pass, credit cards etc, all in one place, – so you don’t have to
dig in that bag for alternately & constantly all of it,
when passing those airport check points.

Then there’s the LW passport cover for you who think that does it,
the i phone (6) case, the toiletry bag beautiful enough to double as a clutch,
the keyholder proclaiming some of our favorite, empowering words; you hold the key.
All of it in a stunning, soft suede and in jet black or a clear oyster grey.

To top it off, the collection will also bring you the
amazingly but simply beautiful paper weights in petrified wood
(a special type of fossils, over 20 million years old, – & the result of wood having
completely transitioned to stone by the process of permineralization),
handmade bead boxes etc..

.. and that’s some of the reasons we just can’t wait..!
For spring & for a LW pirate ship to come fully loaded.

So much love is tucked into this collection,
as always,

the Warriors

LW love letter pencils – black
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© hannah lemholt photography + LW insta snaps

La bohème’s light travel


As you have been curiously asking about the
Love Warriors s/s 15 collection – La Bohème –
wanting to know & see more,
we’re dropping by to share these quick snaps with you.
Let’s start opening the box..


The new bohemian – La Bohème – in our mind is a traveller.
You’ll recognise him, her, us, – & yourself in wanting to
mix up your wardrobe and your home, containing those trendy pieces
(cause again; let’s face it, we all do fall for quite a few of these)
with handpicked objects carrying more soul & stories;
whispering continually of other cultures.

As we travel and move, we see how much we keep both
reaching for those few key pieces in our bags,
borrowing from each other, wanting to pack less..
.. and that’s the apparel we want to create for LW, – & you.

These LW Year of the Bird long caftans embody exactly that.
Super flattering they seem to mould to not only all our
different warrior body types, but to the different moods
and occasions, be it when we’re doing business,
hit the beach, cosy around after a long day
or get dressy for the night.


We hope you’ll fall in love with them.
We’re already there.

with Love

the Warriors


snaps by, – & from the home of warrior designer sara n bergman
featuring coming LW s/s15 caftan dresses & accessories

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