Animal Instinct – Glaucous Macaw No 2



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30×40 cm fine art paper, 50×70 cm fine art paper, 70×100 cm Plexiglass, 70×100 cm tyvek


Black & White


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Tyvek, Fine Art Paper, Premium Plexi

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Are you in touch with the animal inside you? Or do you have a totem or an animal spirit that walks along your side? If humans, to a greater extent, were closer connected to animals and animal spirits _ would we then care more about our wild friends, some of which are about to be extinct? |->_In this new LW production, we depict humans and animal spirits integrated and for the first time we combine photography with handmade illustrations. In order to create these images, we have met dancers, yogis, a circus artist and a capoeira master and we have then juxtaposed their bodies with vivid illustrations of some endangered species. |->To emphasize the urgency to save these animals, weve added the number animals that are still alive but under constant threat, to each title. |->This is a Love Warrior production realised together with Hasselblad master winning cinematographer Roy Rossovich and the talented illustrator Saga Mariah Sandberg. |->Printed on plexiglas, metal plate, tyvek or fine art paper. Tyvek is a modern material with a bit of both; sheen and sturdiness and a material of high density and high-gloss, very strong, thin and water resistant. The Tyvek photograph does not need to be framed since two adhesive strips & two metal clips for hanging casually cool are included. The print is embossed with a stamp to guarantee authenticity.