Atelier de reve – lace pillow case 50×60 cm



445.00 kr


L60 H50 cm


Large, Medium, Small, 0,1, aloe vera, Antracite, Aubergine, avocado, avodado, beige, black, Black & Black, Black & gold, Black & grey, Black & Silver, Black & White, Black Aesthete, Black Brownish, Black Egoiste, Black L, Black LW, Black M, Black NU, Black S, Black, White & Grey, Black/brown, Black/Brownish, black/grey, Black/White, Blackish, Bone, Bone – color No 3 from the top, Brass, Brow/black, brown, Brown / Black, Brown & Gold, brown-off white, Brown/grey, brownish, Brusched Gold, Cacao, Cacao LW, cashmere, Chocolate, Chocolate L, Chocolate M, Chocolate S, Clean Light, Clean Light Aesthete, Clean Light Egoiste, Clean Light LW, Clean Light NU, Clean White, Coconut Vanilla, Cognac, Color, Conjac, Creamy, Creamy Coral, Creamy Grey, Creamy Yellow, Creme, Creme & Brownish, Creme/greyish, Dark, Dark brown, Dark brown blackish, Dark Brown/black, Dark brown/off white, Dark grey, Dark Greyish, Dark Stone Grey, Dark/Blaack, Darker, Denim Blue, Dessert Green, dirty peony, Dusty rose, Earth, Earth L, Earth M, Earth S, Eucalyptus Grey, Eucalyptus Tea, Fallen Rock Grey, fog, Forest, Forest Green, Forest grey, Forest L, Forest M, Forest S, Forest SBlack L, forrest brown, Glass, White, Glowing wood, Gold, Golden sand, Green, Green/brown, grey, Grey Flanel, grey mix, Grey White, Grey, Brown, Grey, Brownish, grey/black, Grey/Black & white pattern, Grey/Brown, Grey/off white, greyish, indigo, Ivory, Jungle Green, Larer black, Larer white, Light Brown/off white, Light colored, Light Grey, Light Grey Fog, Meteorite, Meteorite – color No 4 from the top, Midnight Grey, Mix vintage, Mixed, Mixed colors,black, white, cream, Mixed Cream, Moccha, Mole, Mould, Multi, Multi Colored, Natural, Natural & black, Natural brownish/grey, Natural Cream, Natural ecru, Natural Grey, Natural greyish, Natural greysish, Natural teak, Natural white, Natural White Creamy, Natural Wood, Natural/Creme, Natural/off white, naturel, Nautral Grey, Night, Night – color No 5 from the top, Night queen, octopus, off white, Off white/gold, Off White/light grey – brownish, Off withe, Off-White Black, Off-White Brownish, Old color, Old Wood, Olive, orange/brown, Orange/brownish, Oriental Chocolate, Oriental Coffee, Pearl copper, petrol green, Purple Grey, Rafia black, Rafia natural, Raspberry and creme, Rose, white, Sable, Sand, Sand L, Sand M, Sand S, Sandalwood, Shell white, Silver, Silver L, Silver M, Silver S, Sky Blue, Sterling silver, Stone, Stone – color No 2 from the top, Stone Grey, Storm, Storm – color No 1 from the top, Two shades of grey, Vintage black, vintage black/brown, Vintage Brown, Vintage brown/greyish, Vintage Grey, Vintage light green, Vintage wood, Washed Black, Washed Pink, Washed White, Whipped White, White, white – gold, White & Black, White & black pattern, White & Gold, White & silver, white-greyish, white-off white, White/Black, White/creamy, White/gold, White/grey, White/light coral, white/off white, white/off white/light purple, white/purple, Yellow, Yellow LW



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We always try to add the extra nerve in our products that gives your home something special, feeling. We have created a collection of exclusive complementary bed linen in the most delicate of materials, with great details, as a complement to your everyday style in the room were we spend so much time; the bedroom.Th e room for reconnection, recovering, dreams and intimacy, a room well deserved of beautiful details. In the collection you can find a harmonic color palett and_some well said quotes by our favorites. We have chosen linen, washed cotton, lace, lining of our softest kimono rayon. Materials, well worthy our relaxing time and our sleep. All packed and presented in a beautiful way, wrapped with a ribbon with our thoughts added to it on a story card.
A home is much much more than a place. It is a feeling, a culture- something we share with the ones we love!
THAT is our new serie of home textiles – Atelier Reve.