the year of lovers & warriors





let us tell you guys who hasn’t already got an eye on this,
~ & us, over on instagram, – what our beloved warriors miss bergman
and miss lemholt has been up to this october & november..

we’ve talked a little bit about it before.
the 1st ever love warriors calendar is about to come to light,
~ & let’s just say we’ve been as busy as ever, getting it all
together for the new year. the year we call

the year of lovers & warriors




it’s all heart, ~ & handmade. miss bergman has hand painted everything
from the name of the months on bodies, to the dates under the finished photographs.
the photos, shot by miss lemholt, is a mix of washed out scandinavian colors,
~ & timeless black and whites, which she has then lovingly covered in
scanned 200 year + antique french glass silvered plate.



 printed large, in a3 format  {29,7 x 42 cm | 11,7 x 16,5 in} it’s both boldly beautiful and
has space for your handwriting to begin, in scribbled notes & circumscribed dates.
and the print? well, the paper is, of course, not just any ol’ one.
it’s a 270 g premium, fine art uncoated paper. 
the fine art sheets come intact for you to choose your own way of hanging,
pinning or perhaps magnet fastening, ~ & for the opportunity to
cut out the square format photos clear; should you wish to use them
more as your own kind of art some other way.



and as if that wasn’t enough to make it the, dare we say it,
~ christmas gift of the year, we’re packing the beautiful, handmade box
it comes in, with three additional fine art prints, shot by miss lemholt to boot.
printed just as large as the rest & on the same beautiful paper, you get your
hands on some fine art goodness. one is the 1st photograph atop in this post,
~ & the other two are these, ‘alaïa’ and ‘rock on, love’. 







 launching in the shop this weekend we’re giving you a
loving, golden heads {and hand-} up about this limited edition
box of goodness that we hope will bring you, or someone you love,
a lot of joy in the new year, ~ the one of lovers & warriors.


rock on, lovers,
~ & fight the good fight,

the warriors




model : lina lindholm
mua & illustrator : sara n bergman
mua for ‘rock on, love’ : jossi madsen
photography : hannah lemholt
© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors

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6 Responses to “the year of lovers & warriors”

  • Sandra

    its so beautiful. i love your work, your shop, everything. it's always a pleasure to follow the blog with the beautiful photos and words. i love it.
    could you let me know how much it cost, to send the calender to Switzerland. thanks, all the best to you guys.

    • Love Warriors

      thank you so so much, sandra,
      ~ that’s so sweet of you .. !
      much appreciated ..

      we havn’t set the price 100% yet,
      so we’d ask you to keep a lookout
      in your mail box, ~ if you’ve signed
      up for love letters here on our
      site ? if not; that’s how you get a
      little heads up beforehand, which
      can be especially good for limited
      edition pieces, like this. [& we don’t
      send out stuff every other day. just
      when something special is up.. :)]

      much love,

      the warriors

  • Mia

    Jag dör en liten smula. Kommer hänga på låset. Lägger ni upp på instagram när den finns i shopen? Jag kommer dö om jag missar denna. Har redan sky circles och med dessa 12 inramade kommer mitt hem bli komplett. Antar att man inte kan förboka ett ex..?
    Love you guys!

    • Love Warriors

      *haha* åh, goding ! fin-döden som vi brukar kalla den.. 🙂
      tack, ~ vi är glada att Du tycker om.

      är Du ’signad’ för love letters här på sajten ?
      det är det allra bästa sättet att få veta lite före,
      även alltid åtminstone en stund innan t.ex
      instagram [för ja, ~ vi kommer lägga upp en
      hint där med! :)] .. det är en rätt bra grej att
      vara uppskriven på, speciellt när det släpps
      limiterade grejer, som denna.. [& vi skickar
      inte ut hej vilt till höger & vänster, utan bara
      när det händer något speciellt.. :)]

      L O V E // the warriors


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