a reminder of peace




they started in the heart and hands of our lovely designer,
created with pen and paper, 
and was then, in collaboration with artisans,
specialized in recycled teak;
brought to life. the love warriors peace coasters

however they were sold out on the very 
first opening night of le shop. 
now they’re finally back, as a beautiful, useful
constant reminder of just that; 

peace .




we let ours grace our kitchens;
making a pure statement of clean lines,
complementing the boho chic details in shell & horn,
and like art among our silver trays;
all on display on the counter,
~ & then put on the table to hold pots and pans.





on a sidenote, a little heads up & another
reminder & symbol of peace, the dove,
we wanted to let you know the fine art print
’sky-circles’  by hannah lemholt is now on its 
last few numbers & will be sold out shortly,
~ for you who’s perhaps lingering
on that one.


Sky-Circles 4



peace, love,
~ & a beautiful weekend,

the warriors 




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