A new serie of LW Urns


– our own design and unique treasure findings

We made a whole serie, we could not resist. We goes nuts about pots. Our own, core line of LW design – A serie of pots and urns in a range of sizes – all with a black vintage, glazed surface – handmade by Nyoman, our favorite potter in Bali.

002 - IMG_0014n 001 - IMG_0005n 003 - IMG_0011n 006 - IMG_0030n 023 - IMG_5818n 022 - IMG_5817n




TREASURE HUNT – We always give you our heart and passion in all that we do, especially when it comes to hunting, treasure hunting. Urns and pots to die for – we just love them. So absolutely stunning and unique, but we found only a few. They are very rare and difficult to obtain.




What are you waiting for? Just start to ”green up” you love nest.

The Warriors says: You CAN not have too many pots. Ever.


love / the Warriors

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LW darlings! a Love co operation

LW darlings! a Love co operation

Photo art has been at the core of the LW heart from start. We love the way photography communicates, across all borders, as the most beautiful language of all.

Previous photo art series such as A Mad Girl’s Love Song and Year of the Bird, shot by Hannah Lemholt, have become signature LW pieces, loved by so many people across our globe. These, we now follow up through letting carefully chosen professional photographers interpret new LW themes. The first artist is fashion photographer Roy Rossovich who has created some amazing images around the theme Don’t be Like the Rest of Them, Darling. Next one out will be photographer Tove Frank who works on the theme Warrior Movements.

KorallSkålDon’t be Like the Rest of Them, Darling is a new LW photo art series that celebrate people who dare to be different. In our eyes such souls are true warriors and here we meet themes and characters – imaginary and real –interpreted by fashion photographer Roy Rossovich.PrayerLWMaskHerFridaSmallSoulMateDarling

Roy Rossovich

Roy Rossovich big photo

Hasselblad master winning cinematographer and photographer who lives and works in Scandinavia and The US. We love the tension in his images and the way he portraits people – fashion models as well as celebrities. In his pictures we saw strength, softness, past and future and we were intrigued to find out how his DNA would match with ours. It’s up to you to be the judge of that when we present Don’t be Like the Rest of Them, Darling, based on a quote by Eudora Welty who wrote this sentence in the context of describing the relationship between black and white people in a racist American South.

fotokarta1 DARLINGS

The LW photo art series adorn homes and spaces around the world and are part of our mission to spread love through lovable items and the spirit of the warrior.

LW photo art, posters and prints are now available in different sizes and in a number of materials and qualities …

 love / the WarriorsLWLogo1

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Warriors of the World. vol 2

MiljöSmallwarriors sum

The tribe is growing

   Our intention was to keep our warrior tribe growing and continue to add strong, beautiful warrior souls in to our warrior portrait collection

This week we are happy to announce the release of our new serie of world warriors. A project very close to our hearts. This series is       inspired by all the amazing creatures and characters we meet on our journeys around the globe, – & a reminder that we all have a fighter inside of us, that can be wisely brought out, who ever and where ever we are, when needed

This is a co-operation with the wonderful photograph Hanna Lemholt and the also so amazing illustrator and stylist Sara N Bergman in the twosome project Lemholt n´ Bergman. Sara paints withhand, heart (& kind children’s face paint) and Hannah shoots & immortalizes, magic souls and loving warriors, brought to you by LW. The pictures will be available in printed tyvek, paper and for this season we ad a new limited edition material Metallic plate


Art against the tabu

This day we got the wonderful opportunity to visit the openhearted balinese family of our chauffeur in Bali for a more than magical day

Our warriors are always dressed in white, so first we faces a confusion, the religion of Hindu is set with some societal taboos; as according to the old Hindu caste system the general rule of thumb is the people in lower casts is not allowed to wear white

This very day, they did not just openhearted invited us in to there homes, the stod up and gave us a very special gift; bravely they challenged the obsolete system and took what they could find in white; table cloth, bed linnen and fabrics to dress them self as our world warriors. Let there courage be seen in the pictures


Warrioes summary


In the second serie of LW Warriors of the world we have not less than six new warriors. The black and white close ups in 50*50 and warrior no5 and no11 in available in 100*100 dimensions. The metall plate is made in a new large sale on 100*150.

Printed on Tyvek, a modern material loved by all the stylists; one with a bit of both; sheen and sturdiness. Tyvek is a synthetic material of high density and high-gloss. The material is very strong, thin and water resistant. Embossed with a stamp to guarantee authenticity. It comes with a rail to steady the print and 2 clips to easy mount it on the wall as soon as you got it

Limited edition, standing metallic plate. Printed on a a metall plate standing on its own or hanging from the wall. Here you can find the warriors in standing design with a beautiful light coloring

the Warriors


© hannah lemholt photography for love warriors

Magical creatures

_DSC1297bildspelIn our many travels to Bali we learn to know an island, full of beauty and soul. Were everything can happen. A travel trough the peerless country side that in the end always find its way to the big embracing ocean. Along the way of Bali, people and beautiful creatures becomes a part of our Warrior story. The magical pig, the kind man Ketut and the woman of the banana fields.

blogbild 2_DSC2045_DSC1947_DSC2031The man Ketut was proud but humle, when he gently guiding our way trough the fields of harvest. And let us meet the Woman of the banana fields._DSC1744


A long the path to the market we en up walking a magical pig. While tossing his hears and with his snout into the soil we got the story about him told to us. And the Cow was listen carefully to the tale she heard a million times.


Find our treasure hunted frames, pots and pieces, also the new spring launch include kimonos, caftans and beautiful hand crafted leather, this we will tell you about another time.

And maybe, in the future, among the feathers and wood there will be a small, golden magical pig, but this we never know. What we know is; The inspiration of the island of Bali will follow us for a life time…


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Light the path of the peace keeper

  Our world is not always as free and wonderful place as we wish. Some extraordinary people however, use all their imagination, power and life to make it a better place. Call them rebels, geniuses or crazy, these people have a special place in the heart and soul of Love Warriors. For the LW icon candleholders we have chosen three true warriors whose lives, struggles and legacies lighten up and make the world a better place. These three are Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

LW will donate 10 % of all sales of the icons to the Malala Fund. The goal of the fund is to enable girls to complete 12 years of safe, quality education so that they can achieve their potential and be positive change-makers in their families and communities. “I am not a lone voice, I am many”, Malala Yousafzai.


0242-719x1024    03061-719x1024

Light their candles and remember that the fight is forever and that every one of us is able to make a change for a better world, to be a True Love Warrior.


The LW icon candleholders are made of hand-carved sandstone. For the candleholders we have chosen three true warriors who have seen things differently, made great change, and pushed the world towards a better future.

These three are Malala Yousafzai, Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.


   NELSON MANDALA  july 18th 1918 – December 5th 2013 | Mandala is forever a great symbol of liberation. He spent his life for democratic and free society. As young law student Mandela joined the ANC and for 20 years he directed acts defiance against the government and its racist policies.

Senteced to life imprisonment for political offenses and sabotage, he spent in total 27 years as a prisoner. Upon release in 1990 he joined negotiations with President F. W. de Klerk to abolish apartheid and establish multiracial elections. In 1994 Mandela became the first black president of South Africa and continued to dismantle the legacy of apartheid.


MALALA YOUSAFZAI – Juli 12th 1997 | As a young girl, Malala started campaigning for the right of girls attend school in her Swat Valley in Pakistan. The Taliban issued a death treat agains her and on October 9, 2012 a gunman shot her as she was traveling home from school.  Although she was seriously injured, the assassination-attemp only made Malala´s voice advocacy around the world. Malala´s struggle agains the suppression of children and their right to education made her the youngest-ever Nobel price laureate in 2014, age 17.

_DSC0286  MAHATMA GANDHI October 2nd 1869 – January 3oth 1948 | A true icon of pacifism, Gandhi advocated the practice of nonviolence, simple life and truth in all situations. He was the primary lead go India´s independence movement, who also worked for women´s right and more humane caste system. In 1947 India finally gained independency from the British Empire, although violence between Hinduism and Muslim complicated the process. A year after Gandhi, who spent his life preaching nonviolence, was killed by extremist, upset by Gandhi´s tolerance agains Muslims. Still, Gandhi´s use of nonviolence civil disobedience continue to inspire movement for civil rights and freedom across the world.

Light their candles and remember that the fight is forever and that every one of us is able to make a change for a better world, to be a True Love Warrior.

the Warriors


Year of the Bird


The white dove, Sky-Circles, has literally flown all over the world, now hanging in homes
from the countries of nordic light, to the one down under and so many in between.
It has continuously made us happy and proud, to hear how much the wings mean to you.
Now it’s time for the sequel. The yīn to the yáng. The power to the breezy. Enter the raven.
Or, in other words, the photo Raven’s Ladder. And that’s not all.
Enter the owl..


Another signature square format photo to, if you will, go with the yin & the yang.
The stunning owl that sees it all. Called History of the Senses.
And then, to mix things up, there’s three rectangular photographs in color.
First to go is the falcon.


A photograph of reversed roles called Shangri-La.
Washed out tones, deep reds and lovingly scanned 18th century glass plate on top,
that we already can see adorn the now so loved darker grey & blue walls.
And for the ones who love the airy, the dreamy, the dusty pastels,
there’s two more owls flying, on their way..



Free Falling & Feathers. Soft pastels & vintage glass plate.
Wings, power, harmony, flight. All captured by Hannah Lemholt for Love Warriors.
And now we’re choosing papers and print sizes to do them justice,
– & all of the birds will be making their way into the shop in the weeks to come.
We promise to whisper or hoot about it in a love letter and over on instagram.

Til then, may you fly on the wings of Love,

the Warriors


model : lina lindholm
mua & hair : jossi madsen
photography : hannah lemholt

© hannah lemholt photography for love warriors

before the bloom


Oh, this longing for spring.. It is infused in all our nordic hearts.
Us warriors long for the light, the flowers, the birds,
– & for the ship filled with LW s/s15 treasures to reach these northern seas.
One of the things we long most for to arrive, is the new LW line of towels.
We are silly over the moon about them, waiting at the shore for them to arrive;
linen & cotton, LW designed lace, different stunning tones and just as
beautiful & useful in the bathroom as in the kitchen..

.. and for you who’s itching, shading your face with your hand,
squinting at the horizon, wondering,
– the LW s/s15 collection La Bohème is launching april / may.

Until then,
Bloom Where You Are Planted.

the Warriors


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We are dropping by to leave this love letter for you.
So much of the action these days are taking place over on instagram,
but there’s not quite space for all we wanna tell you on there,
– & this is the place to come to know more..

The LW s/s15 collection La Bohème is being given its final touches
in packaging and details, – & is set to launch in the shop come late april.
The collection will bring some big time favorites of ours..



.. finally the LW office, – & travel series will start building,
with among others; pieces we’ve been missing ourselves when travelling & working.
Like a beautiful way to dust that keyboard and computer screen,
– with a LW designed feather duster, pretty enough to grace the desk always
with its timeless and monochrome feathers & shells.
Like the bigger LW passport cover (wallet / travel case) that also holds
your boarding pass, credit cards etc, all in one place, – so you don’t have to
dig in that bag for alternately & constantly all of it,
when passing those airport check points.

Then there’s the LW passport cover for you who think that does it,
the i phone (6) case, the toiletry bag beautiful enough to double as a clutch,
the keyholder proclaiming some of our favorite, empowering words; you hold the key.
All of it in a stunning, soft suede and in jet black or a clear oyster grey.

To top it off, the collection will also bring you the
amazingly but simply beautiful paper weights in petrified wood
(a special type of fossils, over 20 million years old, – & the result of wood having
completely transitioned to stone by the process of permineralization),
handmade bead boxes etc..

.. and that’s some of the reasons we just can’t wait..!
For spring & for a LW pirate ship to come fully loaded.

So much love is tucked into this collection,
as always,

the Warriors

LW love letter pencils – black
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© hannah lemholt photography + LW insta snaps

La bohème’s light travel


As you have been curiously asking about the
Love Warriors s/s 15 collection – La Bohème –
wanting to know & see more,
we’re dropping by to share these quick snaps with you.
Let’s start opening the box..


The new bohemian – La Bohème – in our mind is a traveller.
You’ll recognise him, her, us, – & yourself in wanting to
mix up your wardrobe and your home, containing those trendy pieces
(cause again; let’s face it, we all do fall for quite a few of these)
with handpicked objects carrying more soul & stories;
whispering continually of other cultures.

As we travel and move, we see how much we keep both
reaching for those few key pieces in our bags,
borrowing from each other, wanting to pack less..
.. and that’s the apparel we want to create for LW, – & you.

These LW Year of the Bird long caftans embody exactly that.
Super flattering they seem to mould to not only all our
different warrior body types, but to the different moods
and occasions, be it when we’re doing business,
hit the beach, cosy around after a long day
or get dressy for the night.


We hope you’ll fall in love with them.
We’re already there.

with Love

the Warriors


snaps by, – & from the home of warrior designer sara n bergman
featuring coming LW s/s15 caftan dresses & accessories

got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se