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A new serie of LW Urns

LW URNS - our own design and unique treasure findings We made a whole serie, we could not resist. We […]

LW darlings! a Love co operation

LW darlings! a Love co operation Photo art has been at the core of the LW heart from start. We […]

Warriors of the World. vol 2

The tribe is growing    Our intention was to keep our warrior tribe growing and continue to add strong, beautiful […]

Magical creatures

In our many travels to Bali we learn to know an island, full of beauty and soul. Were everything can […]

Light the path of the peace keeper

  Our world is not always as free and wonderful place as we wish. Some extraordinary people however, use all […]

Searching for a warehouse manager

Vi söker just nu efter en lageransvarig till vårt huvudkontor i Sköndal. KLICKA HÄR FÖR ATT LADDA NER ARBETSBESKRIVNINGEN

Year of the Bird

The white dove, Sky-Circles, has literally flown all over the world, now hanging in homes from the countries of nordic light, to […]

before the bloom

Oh, this longing for spring.. It is infused in all our nordic hearts. Us warriors long for the light, the flowers, […]


We are dropping by to leave this love letter for you. So much of the action these days are taking […]

La bohème's light travel

As you have been curiously asking about the Love Warriors s/s 15 collection - La Bohème - wanting to know & see […]

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