The Story behind



Creating Photo art and new innovative photo products is our passion and our form of art. 
The process usually begins by us choosing a subject of interest, something we like to say, pay attention to or spread through our pictures. That’s why we put so much work in to our story boards before the shoot and such an effort into the story texts attached to every product – to make sure that our story reaches the eye of the viewer.
We believe that our message can make a change and give that extra dimension to our images, to make them grow and create an impact on the walls of others. An image, shot with an intention and something important to say. 




“We believe that our message can make a change and give that extra dimension to our images.”



We love working with different kinds of creators, fashion designers, make up artists, floral sculptors and photographers in varying forms of co-operation. After thorough work on research, storytelling, castings, searches for the right people,
clothes and details involved and the perfect location we finally begin the exciting moment of shooting. We then sort and set the pictures in-house, retouch and add the right creative spirit and feeling for its message and reason for being.
We always have our eyes open for talented and creative photographers to capture that symbiosis with our brand and message.
Sometimes we find them and sometimes they find us. Our mission is to create what will be our new bearer of the Love Warrier message – your wall of art. 




Email: malin@lovewarriors.se
Phone: +46(0)70-151 50 86