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lovin’ & longin’



3 row shell necklace & photo art ’love astray’ available in le shop


it seem you, like us, are starting to feel some serious
excitement of spring; where one wants to
bring in fresh flowers, pot plants,
clean out the house and start afresh,
~ light scented candles in a new way it appears;
in a more airy fashion.
you’re clearing the love warrior shop
of white lace longhorns and 
winged photo art etc.

we’re so happy you like what we do,
~ & in a few weeks we’re opening up
our sneak peek two;
with more lovely new arrivals.
among other things, we’re already
in love with the hand painted, white 
balinese baskets, that so beautifully
swallow a whole lott’a’stuff. 
perfect for spring !




if you have any questions,
~ don’t hesitate ! we love the curious.
and until the next preview;
stay happy. be brave.




with love,

the warriors 



n°1 | location / studio / styling | hannah lemholt
n°2,3 & 4 | location / home / styling | sara n begman 
image bank for bloggers filling up here
© hannah lemholt photography


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