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With the LW skis a new range and story begins.
This way we want to take you along on some of our LW adventures.
Bet you didn’t see skis coming between our travels to jungles and sacred monkey forests,
- but winter & snow will always be in a nordic heart and for some of us warriors;
skiing is a great and treasured passion,
so of course we had to venture into this adventure
with you along for the ride..





During pre-season you will carve the icy slopes effortlessly.
When spring arrives, you will play around in the spring snow
and if you hit a big snowfall you will float amazingly in the powder.
The construction is based on Extrem’s Project 100 skiis and are crafted at Åre Skidfabrik in Sweden.

The secret behind the performance is the progressive elliptic tip
and tail rocker add floatation in the soft snow,
at the same time as it becomes easy to ski on the hard packed.

The Swedish birch wood core with double layers of titanal and rubber dampening,
makes the ski stable and the skier confident.
In short the LW All Mountain Skis makes you a better skier,
- no matter what conditions awaits you on the mountain.

We are proud to say that the LW All Mountain Skis are the
Gold winner in ’Åka Skidors all-mountain test’ with descriptions such as
"the best all- mountain ski that Åka Skidor has ever tested!".
In other words, an all mountain ski for the entire mountain !

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The same model as Project 100, but built with a lighter and softer wood core.
In other words, an all mountain ski for the entire mountain custom built for female riders.
The construction is based on Extrem’s Project 100 W skis and are crafted at Åre Skidfabrik in Sweden.
Stable, playful and handles rough snow conditions without any problems.

We say;
ski your asses off during the day and become king or queen at the after ski !
And after all, summer bodies are made in the winter.


May your life be full of adventure.

with Love,

the Warriors


models | Marianne Söderqvist | Michael Hirsch
styling | Sara N Bergman
all photography | Kate Gabor

© Kate Gabor / Love Warriors

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