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There is a place for every picture and there is a picture for every place. They just need to find each other.

–  Love Warriors


 a little help from a friend

– LW art wall styling

Art walls are not always easy to build, but –  we can help you!

Our service of homestyling includes costuming a personal art wall for your home and your style. At a first free consultation in the store, we will agree on how much assistance you wish for and we book a meeting, after which the interior design studio presents a proposals of art and home details for you.

The service can include everything from just the planing of a wall to a full room styling with both art and home details of your wish. If you need are help to build it all, than hammering, measuring, drilling and transport comes along.




Booked meeting in the shop, or home visits with discussion on site – Price per hour : 750:-/h *

Estimated time:  Small art wall or set up –  ca 1 h   |  Medium art wall – ca 3 h  |  Large art wall – ca 5 h    |  A corner or more than 1 wall – ca 4 – 6 h >


*For all project larger than 5 h, the consultation will be included.




But hey, dont´be a stranger !! …

we will always guide you to find a nice match for a wall in the store – for free off cource. This service is for you who needs a little extra help.

See you in the store ♡



The art of photography is easy, fun and a great way to be expressive and creative. Let the walls be your playground –  a wonderful way of giving your home a soul.