Magical creatures

_DSC1297bildspelIn our many travels to Bali we learn to know an island, full of beauty and soul. Were everything can happen. A travel trough the peerless country side that in the end always find its way to the big embracing ocean. Along the way of Bali, people and beautiful creatures becomes a part of our Warrior story. The magical pig, the kind man Ketut and the woman of the banana fields.

blogbild 2_DSC2045_DSC1947_DSC2031The man Ketut was proud but humle, when he gently guiding our way trough the fields of harvest. And let us meet the Woman of the banana fields._DSC1744


A long the path to the market we en up walking a magical pig. While tossing his hears and with his snout into the soil we got the story about him told to us. And the Cow was listen carefully to the tale she heard a million times.


Find our treasure hunted frames, pots and pieces, also the new spring launch include kimonos, caftans and beautiful hand crafted leather, this we will tell you about another time.

And maybe, in the future, among the feathers and wood there will be a small, golden magical pig, but this we never know. What we know is; The inspiration of the island of Bali will follow us for a life time…


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