one special day after another


yesterday was valentine’s day.
in sweden we don’t say valentine’s day.
we say something that is roughly translated into
the day of all hearts.

and it sure felt like the world was one. big. heart.
with an extra lot of love & excitement
from you guys around the world.

so we thought,
as we now received a record amount
of wishes to pre-order fine art prints,
buffalo skulls, mudra hands etc,
~ that we’d open the doors for the shop, just ajar;
with a few selected items,
in expectation of spring and what it will bring;
warrior love that is;
in shape of more of our own design in
ceramics, furniture, leather, candles & glass.
{we’ll also bring you handpicked
amazing urns, vintage big frames etc etc..}

a little sneak-opening.
cause we’re sneaky like that,
cause all is fair in love and war, and cause..
well, you filled up our hearts yesterday.

what are you still doing here ?
we’re over at le shop !

a little extra love
on this special day,
following a special day,

the warriors



sara at amazing kupu kupu barong, bali
© hannah lemholt photography