A NEW,  affordable label
produced by the creative studio of
L O V E  W A R R I O R S

We are the rebels within the Love Warrior family. We take pride in being ahead of the rest. Our heart lies in designing and producing colourful and contemporary posters to a lesser cost. Simply because we want to make it possible for everyone to adorn their homes with amazing posters.

We work independently and rapidly to bring you new, affordable possibilities to create unique gallery walls.

When Love Warrior Photo Art is made for the seasonal catwalk, The LW Poster Rebels makes “Capsule Collections” – condensed versions of our visions featuring the essential looks of the moment. Cool, simple images to provide your walls with key looks.

All Poster Rebel prints are Made in Sweden using eco certified printing methods and sustainable 150 g matte, uncoated fine art paper.
All posters have a discreet Poster Rebels stamp to assure authenticity.