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HOPE – Never allow me to doubt. I lay my shivering hope in the sprouts of your youth in the power of your birth. I believe. You are in the patterns of the rising sun and I see you in the shifting light. There is where I lay down and cry.
Hope a tribute to Hope. To the trust that keeps us fighting. Believing in the good. Trusting the force of changing and rebirth. Be the change, be the hope!

Hope is a series of photo art produced by Love Warriors as a tribute to various strengths we need in life. Captured by the Swedish photographer Niklas Nyman.

Our photo art is printed on metal plate, plexiglass, tyvek or fine art paper. Tyvek is a modern material with shine and sturdiness, being of high density and high gloss, strong and water-resistant as well as thin. It does not need to be framed since two adhesive strips & two metal clips for hanging casually cool are included. All prints are embossed with a stamp to guarantee authencity.

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HOPE- A tribute to our faith and hope, to all and everything in our lives that lift us and carry us forward, through light, and through dark times. Sometimes we may feel that we are taking steps in thin air or that we are falling without control. HOPE is to remind ourselves of all the things that can brighten our days, as well as keep us rooted, through turbulence and chaos, angst and sorrow. HOPE is about all the things that are worth to hold on to and embrace

In this series of photo art,we wanted to capture frames as reminders. Points of strength where we hold our lives together or tighten our trust, refill our energies or lighten up our hopes. It’s a tribute to various strengths we need and have good use for in life.

A Love Warriors production captured by photographer Niklas Nyman in a love co-operation.


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