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spring ’13




{metal tray ’egoïste’ | soon in the shop | our showroom kitchen}

along with our project for the 
concierge area at MOOD, stockholm,
we’re working on getting the newly arrived
beauties into the shop. we’re so happy
about your inquiries; that you got your eyes on us,
~ and we promise to hurry hurry hurry. 
you’re in the mood for spring, just
like us it seems. sweeties !


{metal tray [clean] | soon in the shop}

some of the things we’re so happy to see,
finally in our own nordic environment,
along with the already popular bronze lanterns,
is the love warriors metal trays; handmade 
from old oil-drums and the simply s t u n n i n g
vintage wooden bowls that we’ve, in our minds, 
already placed in so many clean, 
glossy settings; to add that final; organic, 
genuine & unique touch we always
aspire for‚ ~ and love.



{vintage wooden bowls | soon in the shop}

we promise to keep you updated here & on instagram,
on when we release those new arrivals in the shop.
perhaps we’ll have time to show you
some more of it here, before then.
in any case; we wish you a beautiful new week !
see you soon. stay happy.

with love,

the warriors



styling : sara n bergman
©hannah lemholt | love warriors



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