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before the bloom

Oh, this longing for spring.. It is infused in all our nordic hearts. Us warriors long for the light, the flowers, […]


         We would like to say Congratulations to you who managed to get your handson the sold […]

lovers, spirits & a moon child

          sometimes,it should be nothing buta whisper.. a soft getting readyto say goodbye summer and a […]

a warrior remembers

          These two new photographs, from LW summer’14,will be joining some of your favorites, ~ & […]

a warrior day off

          Harvey MacKay said Find something you love to doand you’ll never have to work a […]

love lace

      one of the {many} perks of being a love warrioris you get to enjoy the prototypes. the true joy […]

we love leather

  it started with wishes for a beautiful way to carry our laptops around.we were on a plane somewhere over indonesia, ~ […]

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