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indian summer – the temple flowers






hey lovelies,

we wanted to stop by and say we’re sorry if the love warriors shop & site
is a bit slow this weekend, ~ but we can’t say we’re sorry why;
as it is slow because you’re going nuts in there !
we’re really glad you like our indian summer selection.
in there is for example the love warriors own temple flower ceramics..



.. which  so far consists of bowls; 
in all the sizes we find a need for & then some.




there’s five to choose from, starting with the mini
and going all the way up to the xl ..




there’s the plates;
the dinner one and the side dish one ..




there’s the  lovely organically shaped
{shells are the inspiration} – salt & pepper shakers
that lie like understated, beautiful jewelry on the table ..




and last but not least there’s the mugs, a coffee lovers must.
the ceramics are handmade, designed by the love warriors and 
has a crispy white glaze adorned simply by the LW logo;
the sacred and timeless temple flower. the edges are rough and thereby
has that touch that we love; that every piece is handmade and unique. 




that’s it. so far ! we’re expanding the love warriors own
ceramics  with many more beautiful details to come, 
~ & this series will be a part of our future standard assortment.
we love how it, because of its purity, mixes so well
with the porcelain and ceramics we each already use at home.
here to take you through some more of the newbies 
in the days to come..

in the words of the stylish paris;

peace, love and good chocolate,

the warriors





the temple flower ceramics | shell balls | shell bracelet : re-stocking soon
styling : sara n bergman | home / location : sara n bergman / hedentorps
photography : hannah lemholt | © hannah lemholt photography

one special day after another


yesterday was valentine’s day.
in sweden we don’t say valentine’s day.
we say something that is roughly translated into
the day of all hearts.

and it sure felt like the world was one. big. heart.
with an extra lot of love & excitement
from you guys around the world.

so we thought,
as we now received a record amount
of wishes to pre-order fine art prints,
buffalo skulls, mudra hands etc,
~ that we’d open the doors for the shop, just ajar;
with a few selected items,
in expectation of spring and what it will bring;
warrior love that is;
in shape of more of our own design in
ceramics, furniture, leather, candles & glass.
{we’ll also bring you handpicked
amazing urns, vintage big frames etc etc..}

a little sneak-opening.
cause we’re sneaky like that,
cause all is fair in love and war, and cause..
well, you filled up our hearts yesterday.

what are you still doing here ?
we’re over at le shop !

a little extra love
on this special day,
following a special day,

the warriors



sara at amazing kupu kupu barong, bali
© hannah lemholt photography