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here in the land of milk and honey,
the thundershowers & downfalls have
started succeeding each other;
leaving our gardens drenched,
~  & us gasping over amazing rainbows,
as the sun is still fighting for summer
to stay a bit longer. 




the love warriors peace pallets & stools
{in le shop soon : indian summer collection} can
be left out, come rain or shine. made from 
recycled teak they will, for you who love a bit of a
faded look, ~ just get more beautiful. or you
can treat them with teak oil to keep them
as they are, if that’s your bag.




peace & love sweeties,

the warriors




location : hedentorps  | styling : sara n bergman
peace stool and pallet + sheepskins : soon in le shop
couch is ghost by gervasoni | z1 lamp from lily & oscar
typewriter typing by honeypie | quote by eckhart tolle

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© hannah lemholt photography



photo art vol.2




we love that you love photo art just as much as we do,
~ & we are so happy about the response to the
first series of photographs, where one is sold out 
any day now, and the rest are also being shipped to
all parts of the world in a steady stream.

following up the success of that, we are about to
launch a second series of photographs
by hannah lemholt, our honey warrior.
for this series we’re printing on a modern material,
loved by all the stylists; one with a bit of both;
sheen and sturdiness, ~ & the prints will
come with two clips for hanging casually cool. 




the series is called a mad girl’s love song
and in hannah’s own words it’s a
‘series of distorted portraits, contorted into
new life. a book of love and a mad girl’s
love song. inspired by, among other writers;
the works of sylvia plath.’

we’re happy they’re already being used 
for lovely magazine shoots,
~ & the first shipment is in the air;
heading for the lovely down under of 
surfer de luxe & boho chic, to
australia’s stunning les interieurs.





it is worth repeating for the photo art volume two series,
the words of anne tucker;

all art requires courage

the love warrior agrees & are already falling
for the mad girl and her love song..







 image n°2-4 | location : hedentorps | gervasoni’s ghost sofa |
z1 lamp : lily and oscar | styling : sara n bergman 
image n°5 & 6 | photographs from a mad gir’s love song : ’jillian’ & ’helena’
all photography : hannah lemholt | © hannah lemholt photography

got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se
image bank for bloggers filling up here
© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors