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warriors around the world






One of the Love Warriors projects for 2014,
~ & also planned to be an ongoing one,
is portraits of warriors around the world.
Test printed big and bold, ~ & already being lent out
to shoots & stylists, are the four first warriors;
Adi, Camilla, Lamy & Adéle.
And in whispering stunning shadows,
awaits already more of those to follow, shot on
the Love Warriors travels,
~ carrying so much light to come. 








There’ll be big and bold prints; both of simpler,
& de luxe version and there’s big photo printed paper bags
and beautiful match stick boxes in the pipeline.
We’re already head over heels in love with our warriors,
~ & hope you’ll be too.

Keep a look out for honor & courage,
abundance & simplicity, strength & softness,
here, on instagram and in magazines coming up.. 
And remember ’Walk tall, kick ass, love music
and never forget you come from a long line
of truth seekers, lovers and warriors.’ *





thank you to the four first warriors;
adi quade, camilla ericsson, ingmari lamy & adéle, the elephant,
hand painted with love & childrens water color face paint
by sara n bergman | shot by hannah lemholt

© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors

* quote by hunter s. thompson




leaving watermarks






Photo notwithstanding this is not an april fools prank. 
{You gotta be able to smile about things though.}
We’ve realized we, a lil’ bit against our own will, – have to
start putting watermarks on top of the photos
Hannah shoots for us & that we share on this amazing
world wide web. And we thought we wanna
talk to you a little about it..  

It’s not forbidden to print photos & images that you’ve
found online, for private use, and it’s widely spread
today, with so many images floating around,
~ & on top of that; a trend to make your own mood boards
etc from photography & tear sheets from magazines.
It’s not forbidden & to some extent it’s truly a 
compliment that people want to grace their walls
with the work you produce. But.

Because yes, there is a but.
Love Warriors is a company. A company with
real people behind it. People that work hard with
a whole lotta’ love, sweat & tears, literally, – all put in 
with the mission to be long-lived, ~ &  to continually bring
you lovelies inspiration, happiness & beautiful things.

It becomes a problem when you share images 
you’ve downloaded online, you put them up on your walls
and specify Love Warriors or Hannah Lemholt Photography
as the source for the work, even shown in interior magazines.
That’s when the people who want to pay their way
start e-mailing us;
wondering where they can buy those prints 
in this & that size. And that’s when
our time starts being put into the wrong things,
instead of a whole lotta’ love.

There’s even two buts. 
Because after all of that love, sweat & tears
has been put into, in this case, photographs, ~ then
we spend weeks choosing paper and more weeks
in collaboration with our printers to get the
right profile for every photo.
We wanna bring you things with quality,
all the way, you know? Simple as that.


We also wanna thank you amazingly
lovely people who continually share the love
with images, tags, comments & links
on instagram and blogs. For sharing with
love, you forever have our hearts.  

Still & always;
with love,

the warriors 



photo is from a year in the life of lovers & warriors 
the LW photo art calendar ’14 which is sold out
{but rest assured we’ll be bringing you a calendar for ’15 too.} 
model : lina lindholm | body paint by sara n bergman

paint brush is also handmade by sara n bergman 
© hannah lemholt photography | LW | sara n bergman illustration

got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se













 hey lovelies,

we’re dropping by to add some more bubbles to your glasses of february,
with an offer on some LW pieces of extra peace and love.
We wanna treat you to a good ol’ 50% off on the LW
wooden peace coasters & on our scented candle looking for love.



code : valentine
valid thru feb.21st | w. reservation of sold out items








Make everyday one of love.
And look sharp,

the warriors





image n°1 | february from the LW photo art calendar ’14
a year in the life of lovers & warriors
image n°2 | LW wooden peace coasters here
image n°3 | scented candles | looking for love scent here

little peace sign is hand painted : sara n bergman
photography : hannah lemholt
© hannah lemholt | LW | sara n bergman illustration 

got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se
image bank for bloggers etc : here






a spoonful of love




you might already know we’re {coco}nuts about
natural materials like wood, horn & bone.
especially the naturally aged ones with that special,
worn beauty that only time can render.
well, let’s just say we love it.

we love how it’s been loved, how it gives
our homes that unique touch that we
always strive for, ~ & we love how it just works,
both in simple style & beauty and also;
proven over time, with its worn look as the sign;
to have worked over and over again. 



this time it’s almost all about spoons.
we bought ours already last year; on our very first warrior trip,
as we fell instantly in love with the antique spoons
from papua; made from coconut.
since then they’ve been featured in some interior magazines
and spread on blogs, ~ & you’ve wondered about how to get ’em.

now we’ve saved you a trip to papua, ~ & are so happy to have
tracked them down, thoroughly handpicked the most
beautiful ones and brought them home for the shop. and you.
we use ours in our bathrooms; gracing bowls & jars of
bath salts, and in our kitchens, to go with brown sugar
and white sea salt. they’re a simply such a beautiful detail..




.. and so are the crescent moon warriors.
we just love those little bad boys too. that love story
started the same way; with us falling head over heels
and going all have to have – nuts.

these are also antique and from papua, ~ & in this case
they’ve been used for storing medicine and we actually use
some of ours that way too. also they’re really cool, just as they
are; again with that quality we love; casually bringing
a unique touch to our homes, making statements
on piles of books and next to those fresh cut flowers.




so. a spoonful of love makes the medicine go down. we say.
and it’s all to be found in the shop just now.
hey autumn beautifiers, we love you !

the warriors





antique spoons from papua : just launched in the shop
towel from rory dobner. we’re crushing on that guy.
crescent moon warriors : just launched in the shop too

selfportrait & stills is by our honeypie
image bank for bloggers filling up here
got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se
all photography © hannah lemholt | love warriors


we’re dreamers





yay, it’s may !
.. and in may we’re in love with all things aussie,
~ & in particular the loveliest of girls
down under : spell and the gypsy collective
{represented in sweden by the sweethearts at kyss johanna},
shell accessories of all kinds, the fact that we are
now able to go barefoot in the garden, ~ & the dream
of going back to bali later this summer.




 yay, it’s may !
what are you in love with ?


happy day,

the warriors




kimono | tahitian moon – blush | spell 
vintage bronze mudra hands | love warriors
image 1 & 2 | selfportraits | hannah lemholt
image 3 & 5 | styling / home | sara n bergman
image 4 | kupu kupu barong, bali 
all photography | © hannah lemholt 

lookbook of love




the spring lookbook for lovely swedish brand fira is out,
and we were more than happy to lend it some boho chic details
with the shell necklaces & bracelets etc from love warriors s/s13.

the catalogue is shot in the private home of talented & stunning
stylist marie olsson nylander of swedish MO
and we think we’re looking pretty darn good together;
us three brands from sweden, the land of milk and honey light. 





yes. we’re a little bit in love with a lot of things.
and we can’t wait till spring, being barefoot,
~ & unpack some more lovely arrivals in le shop,
like the ’he died for love’ skull candle
you’ve been asking about. 
he’s on his way. just give him a few weeks;
he’s out fighting. for love. 

the warriors




shoot / clothes : fira spring’13
model : lina lindholm
hair & make up : belinda stigborn
photography : hannah lemholt
location : marie olsson nylander, MO
© hannah lemholt photography




a warrior easter




we just wanted to drop by in those busy times
to wish all you sweethearts a beautiful easter !
we warriors went a bit rock n’ roll this one,
and gave our easter eggs tattoos.
here with some of the most important
words we know. 

so go at it in the childrens department
and buy some temporary tattoos,
or colorful rub-ons if you feel more
like bright birds & butterflies,
~ that’s our little tip for easter..

live. laugh. love.
fight for that. always. 




with love, 

the warriors





© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors



the love part


©HannahLemholtPhotographyThunderstruck6hanelei cowrie shell tee : spell


det är en snövit lördag som sjuder varmt av tack.
tack till Er för all Er kärlek. till oss.
vi håller på att få vänner runt hela världen.
det är fullkomligt magiskt.
alla Era fina blogg-inlägg och heja-rop
i mail & på instagram, Era underbara
jobbansökningar om att få bli warriors,
~ vi är alldeles lyckliga. tack för Er !


©HannahLemholtPhotographyThunderstruckDuoTextured ©HannahLemholtPhotographyThunderstruckDuo2Texturedshell cuff bracelet : love warriors summer’13 | ’suede thunderbird shawl’ : spell | skull candle & shell pendant : love warriors
’stag amulet ring’ : spell |  giant shell : MO + esteten, popup shop, summer ’12 | etc


i mitten av all denna kärlek står vi, 
krigandes till långt in på nätterna för att
få det sista klart till vår sneak opening av butiken.
det. är. inte. långt.kvar. nu.

spread the love & share,

the warriors


©HannahLemholtPhotographyThunderstruck9Texturedshell necklace : soon in the sneak opening of the shop 


it is a snow white saturday, simmering with
warmth & ‘thank you’s’.
thank you for all your love. for us.
we’re about to make friends from all around
the world. it’s rather magical !
all your beautiful blog-posts and cheers for us
in e-mails & on instagram, your wonderful
job applications to become warriors,
~ we’re quite stricken & very happy.
thank you for you !

.. and in the middle of all this love, 
there we stand, working long into the night
to make the last details happen for our
sneak opening of the shop.
it. is not. long. now.

spread the love & share,

the warriors





selfportraits : hannah lemholt
image bank for bloggers filling up here
got questions ? get answers : info@lwos.se
© hannah lemholt | love warriors


a warrior weekend



vi kikar in hos vännen sandra, ~ & hennes fina lilla familj.
vitt te & svart kaffe, barnskratt som får även vuxna att bubbla
och så brasan & inspirationen som ständigt brinner här; 
gör deras hem till ett av krigarnas favoriter.
här hänger vi gärna upp vår kimono & stannar länge.


©HannahLemholtPhotographyLiteSvartLiteVitt2 ©HannahLemholtPhotographyLiteSvartLiteVitt6©HannahLemholtPhotographyLiteSvartLiteVitt5©HannahLemholtPhotographyLiteSvartLiteVitt3


 och så firar vi denna helg; 
alldeles i verkligheten mellan dammsugning & ett glas vin, 
mellan gitarrspel & barndans, högt & lågt,
~ & med all den kärlek som ryms i varenda glipa därutöver.

vi önskar Er en riktigt härlig helg !

med kärlek,

the warriors  




we drop by our beloved friend sandra, ~ & her lovely little family.
white tea and black coffee, childrens laughter who makes even adults bubble
and then the fire and inspiration that’s constantly burning here;
makes their home one of the warriors’ absolute favorites.
here we wanna hang up our kimono & stay for a long time..

and that’s how we celebrate this weekend;
smack in the middle of reality; between vacuuming & a glass of wine,
between guitar playing & kids dancing, between high & low,
~ & with all the love that can fill every little gap in addition.

we wish you a delightful weekend !

with love,

the warriors




location | home : sandra olsson w. family
kimono | stag amulet fringe : spell
shell pendant : love warriors
image bank for bloggers filling up here
got questions ? get answers : info@lwos.se
© hannah lemholt | love warriors