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 We would like to say Congratulations to you who managed to get your hands
on the sold out fine art 100% cotton, numbered & signed version
of Hannah Lemholt’s Dogma for Love Warriors.  

 Dogma is now available in the shop printed on tyvek.
Tyvek is a modern material loved by all the stylists, one with a bit of both;
sheen and sturdiness. A material of high density and high-gloss.

As with all LW fine art tyvek prints, the photograph does not need to be framed,
if you don’t want to, that is, ~ as two cardboard strips & two black
metal clips; for hanging casually cool, are included.

The photographs are embossed with a stamp to guarantee authenticity.
Hannah has scanned a 200 year+ french glass silvered plate,
layering it on top of the photograph; rendering the hands and lace
timelessness with some dust and scratches.
This is a part of the beauty of this piece, – & not a flaw. 

We never keep the fine art photography in the shop for too long,
so if you’ve been eying this beauty, you perhaps should get a move on..

with Smiles and Love,

the Warriors





image n°1 | here Dogma is hanging at the beautiful home of Marie Olsson Nylander 
photo & Hunter S. Thompson quote by Hannah Lemholt

got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se




congrats & contingence







Photo art. You know we love it.
And by the sound of the numbers just swooshing by
in the LW photo art series by photographer Hannah Lemholt,
– you do too!

Congratulations to you who managed to catch this beauty
in its limited, signed & numbered fine art 100% cotton rag edition;
now a sold out hot commodity. {Semi-} seriously lovely pirates, ~ you gotta
stop offering us all kinds of bribes & kickbacks under-the-counter.
It really is sold out. We love it that you’re nuts though! 




We are happy to be able to offer another version this spring;
’sky-circles’ printed on the übercool material, tyvek; loved by all the stylists,
~ & one with a bit of both; sheen and sturdiness.
These prints come with two clips for hanging casually cool.

If you like it clean, like in these images,
you can attach double-coated adhesive tape, or washi-tape
to the back of your print and just put it straight to the wall, or by all means;
give it the royal treatment with glass & framework.




Dare to fall.
– you are given wings. 




‘sky-circles’ photo art print 
image n°1, 2, 3 | location & details : MO |  
photography by hannah lemholt
all illustrations by sara n bergman
© hannah lemholt photography / love warriors

got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se
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the mad girls




here’s a little sneak peak from an upcoming piece in norwegian magazine kk living,
shot at amazing stylist marie olsson nylander of MO home’s .. well, yes, – home,
featuring two of the prints from our new photo art series ’a mad girl’s love song’..

the kk living issue with this shoot will be n°39 for you norwegian lovelies,
~ coming out at the end of september. we just love the beautiful company 
we’ve been put in here.. deep sighs for the most perfectly alkalized, worn wooden floors,
the classics, ~ & the beautiful new take on a vintage clothes rail by marie.




we are making the final touches, ~ & putting the last few
new items in the shop as we speak and hope to open up the doors for the
indian summer selection later this week.. oh, happy days!

peace, love & beautiful homes,

the warriors




location / home : marie olsson nylander | shoot : kk living
photo art : soon in le shop | © hannah lemholt photography



warrior ancestors





we’ve received wishes to pre-order this warrior ancestor,
our ’he died for love’ skull candle,
by everything from australian surfer dudes to nordic stylists,
~ & so today we’re releasing them in le shop
{home deco➸candles➸}
before the rest of the indian summer selection..


Skull Candle 2
Skull Candle 3


 the skull candles are made from a natural palm wax blend,
from sustainable palm kernel oil
{as opposed to petroleum based wax}, ~ offering a
cleaner and much longer burn time. we’ll even have to
come back to you for the exact burn time, as we havn’t had
time to wait and see yet; it just goes on and on..

a tip, which we are working on as we speak, 
is to burn the candle for just a while
{which already is proving to take more time than expected}
and then attach a solid church candle, let it run and
stream down; for one. cool. looking. candle holder.


Skull Candle 5


the skull comes in a love warriors designed, printed linen box,
~ which we love using for desk-treasures and stack with other boxes,
books & magazines. he is a timeless, boho chic love for sure. we decorate him
gypsy glamorously with flowers or put the love warriors shell pendant
around him, ~ some keep it clean and cool. we only ask you
treat him with respect. he died for love.

and us?
we wish you creativity, sunshine,
~ & long nights full of dancing and candlelight,

the warriors






home / location | marie olsson nylander, MO / hedentorp
couch is ghost by gervasoni | ay illuminate z1 lamp from lily & oscar
love warriors peace stool & laser cut leather bags : soon

all photography : hannah lemholt | honeypielivingetc
© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors


boho chic




how we love seeing our warrior treasures
hit homes and locations like the one of
über stylist marie olsson nylander, MO home.
here just a sneak peek from a shoot with
her and our own photographer hannah lemholt, 
for norwegian magazine kk living.

the white lace longhorns are making a
requested come back in le shop and
the skull candles will be joining them
any day now !




we wish you a beautiful weekend
full of inspiration & love,

the warriors



home / location | marie olsson nylander, MO home
© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors

a reminder of peace




they started in the heart and hands of our lovely designer,
created with pen and paper, 
and was then, in collaboration with artisans,
specialized in recycled teak;
brought to life. the love warriors peace coasters

however they were sold out on the very 
first opening night of le shop. 
now they’re finally back, as a beautiful, useful
constant reminder of just that; 

peace .




we let ours grace our kitchens;
making a pure statement of clean lines,
complementing the boho chic details in shell & horn,
and like art among our silver trays;
all on display on the counter,
~ & then put on the table to hold pots and pans.





on a sidenote, a little heads up & another
reminder & symbol of peace, the dove,
we wanted to let you know the fine art print
’sky-circles’  by hannah lemholt is now on its 
last few numbers & will be sold out shortly,
~ for you who’s perhaps lingering
on that one.


Sky-Circles 4



peace, love,
~ & a beautiful weekend,

the warriors 




image n°3, 4 & 5 | location / home : marie olsson nylander
got questions ? get answers : info@lwos.se
image bank for bloggers filling up : here
all photography © hannah lemholt | love warriors

Art is love.



©HannahLemholtPhotographyLoveWarriorsFineArtPrintsLoveAstrayNew ©HannahLemholtPhotographyLoveWarriorsFineArtPrintsLoveAstrayNew2 far left : ’love astray’, limited edition fine art print : hannah lemholt for love warriors 


fotokonst. vi älskar det !
hannah lemholt, som ju också är en ‘warrior’,
har fått skapa fyra fotografier exklusivt för oss, 
som nu trycks i limiterad upplaga av 50 ex per motiv, 
~ & kommer att säljas signerade & numrerade 
via vår shop.

marie olsson nylander, eller MO som en del
av Er känner henne, har här hängt en av de fyra;
’love astray’, ihop med andra favorit-tryck,
~ & klipp ur magasin, i ett av sitt & familjens
mest fantastiska rum.
MO blir förresten också snart med blogg,
~ det får Ni inte missa..


FineArtPrintsSkyCircles02 ’sky-circles’ : limited edition fine art print : hannah lemholt for love warriors 

.. och i fantastiskt vackert & mysigt sällskap har
’sky-circles’ fått byta plats, från betong & prïvate 02 04
i fiskelägets ateljé, till nya huset; bland goa’
sittplatser, till perfektion slitna och lutade trägolv,
~ & en svävande ’mark eden schooley lamp’.
vi älskar sällskapet ! och vi älskar fotokonst !
gör inte Ni ?

de andra två fotografierna får Ni se i veckan..
så länge; all kärlek,

the warriors





photo art. we love it!
hannah lemholt, who’s also a ‘warrior’,
has created four photographs exclusively for us,
printed in a limited edition of 50 copies per motif,
~ & they will be sold signed & numbered
through our web-shop.

marie olsson nylander, or MO as many of you
may know her; have one of the four photographs,
‘love astray’, mounted together with other favorite prints,
~ & clippings from magazines, in one her & her
family’s amazing rooms.
MO is starting a blog soon by the way,
~ you won’t wanna miss it ..


.. & in incredibly beautiful & cosy company;
the print ‘sky-circles’ has moved location,
from concrete & that stunning prïvate 02 04 rug
in the fishing village studio, to the new house;
among lovely seating,
to perfection worn and soaped wood floors,
~ & a suspended ‘mark eden schooley lamp’.
we love the lineup ! and we love photography as art !
don’t you?

we’ll show you the other two photographs later this week ..
till then; with love,

the warriors



home | location | styling : marie olsson nylander, MO
fine art prints by hannah lemholt : soon in le shop
image bank for bloggers filling up here
got questions ? get answers : info@lwos.se
© hannah lemholt | love warriors