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the tag

We're just stopping by to remind you to keep tagging your instagram photos, - when they're featuring love warriors of course […]


        Finding our bones & skulls skull necklace teamed up with raw, ripped denim and a lovely knitin […]

lovers & warriors mantra

          We’re suckers for the duality of things,  the yin and the yang if you will,~ […]

a midsummer love letter

    feathers on my breath necklace | bones & skulls necklace | etc     The warriors are getting […]

nordic light

    We spent some loving warrior time this weekend,sketching on some more pieces for the warrior wardrobe.You know we […]

painter's daughters & pirate's dreams

      Last time we released this voguish & gypset boho piece,the bones & skulls skull necklace, ~ you cleaned us […]

a sacred soft-start

    .. with a soft-start jump we’re now realizing our plans,~ & are adding some ’fashion’ to the love […]

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