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 hey lovelies,

we’re dropping by to add some more bubbles to your glasses of february,
with an offer on some LW pieces of extra peace and love.
We wanna treat you to a good ol’ 50% off on the LW
wooden peace coasters & on our scented candle looking for love.



code : valentine
valid thru feb.21st | w. reservation of sold out items








Make everyday one of love.
And look sharp,

the warriors





image n°1 | february from the LW photo art calendar ’14
a year in the life of lovers & warriors
image n°2 | LW wooden peace coasters here
image n°3 | scented candles | looking for love scent here

little peace sign is hand painted : sara n bergman
photography : hannah lemholt
© hannah lemholt | LW | sara n bergman illustration 

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inside out | outside in





here in the land of milk and honey,
the thundershowers & downfalls have
started succeeding each other;
leaving our gardens drenched,
~  & us gasping over amazing rainbows,
as the sun is still fighting for summer
to stay a bit longer. 




the love warriors peace pallets & stools
{in le shop soon : indian summer collection} can
be left out, come rain or shine. made from 
recycled teak they will, for you who love a bit of a
faded look, ~ just get more beautiful. or you
can treat them with teak oil to keep them
as they are, if that’s your bag.




peace & love sweeties,

the warriors




location : hedentorps  | styling : sara n bergman
peace stool and pallet + sheepskins : soon in le shop
couch is ghost by gervasoni | z1 lamp from lily & oscar
typewriter typing by honeypie | quote by eckhart tolle

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© hannah lemholt photography



a midsummer night’s dream




 this long weekend of swedish midsummer
has passed in a whirlwind of work and play.
as close as one gets to a midsummer night’s dream,
we think. we’ve been shooting the new items for le shop
at a truly beautiful place & partying biker style.
mermaids & bikers, you know. a lovely combo.

we want to take this opportunity to say sorry
for a slight delay in pace of sending out your orders
and answering your e-mails this past week, 
due to said hard work & hard play. 





and we want to take this opportunity to share honeypie’s
way of using her peace stool, that will be released soon in le shop,
~ as a bedside table holding her latest finished books,
the flowers saved from the swedish tradition of spending
midsummer night sleeping with seven different kinds of flowers
under your pillow {and dream about your love to be} and
a whole lot of serenity and.. well, peace.

peace, love & dreams come true,

the warriors






another midsummer | portrait of sara n bergman by hannah lemholt
image n°2 & 3 | love warriors peace stool : soon in le shop
© hannah lemholt photography  




a reminder of peace




they started in the heart and hands of our lovely designer,
created with pen and paper, 
and was then, in collaboration with artisans,
specialized in recycled teak;
brought to life. the love warriors peace coasters

however they were sold out on the very 
first opening night of le shop. 
now they’re finally back, as a beautiful, useful
constant reminder of just that; 

peace .




we let ours grace our kitchens;
making a pure statement of clean lines,
complementing the boho chic details in shell & horn,
and like art among our silver trays;
all on display on the counter,
~ & then put on the table to hold pots and pans.





on a sidenote, a little heads up & another
reminder & symbol of peace, the dove,
we wanted to let you know the fine art print
’sky-circles’  by hannah lemholt is now on its 
last few numbers & will be sold out shortly,
~ for you who’s perhaps lingering
on that one.


Sky-Circles 4



peace, love,
~ & a beautiful weekend,

the warriors 




image n°3, 4 & 5 | location / home : marie olsson nylander
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all photography © hannah lemholt | love warriors