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leaving watermarks

        Photo notwithstanding this is not an april fools prank. {You gotta be able to smile about things […]


         hey lovelies, we’re dropping by to add some more bubbles to your glasses of february,with an […]

congrats & contingence

        Photo art. You know we love it.And by the sound of the numbers just swooshing byin […]

limited edition | unlimited love

    we’re so happy about how you received our very first love warriors calendar- a year in the life […]

final hours

      we hope you’ve had a super-cosy christmas,that the final hours of 2013 are beautiful ones,~ & that […]

the love letters

      we had several things to tell you darlingsin todays love letter, so one thing had to be […]

the year of lovers & warriors

      let us tell you guys who hasn’t already got an eye on this,~ & us, over on […]

yesterday’s news, tomorrow’s news

      well, in truth it’s tomorrows newsto say buh bye october.we still wanna say it though,~ with a thank […]

the mad girls

    shhhhh.. here’s a little sneak peak from an upcoming piece in norwegian magazine kk living,shot at amazing stylist marie olsson […]

photo art vol.2²

      thank you for the ever so sweet & amazingfeedback on the announcement of our2nd photo art series […]

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