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calendar making season






As we whispered about over on instagram yesterday,
it’s that time again..
As the end of one year is drawing closer,
the promise of a new one lies in the middle distance.
It feels like we’re all glancing at it, together, 
not really knowing,
however much we think we can plan things.

We can aspire though.
And that pretty much sums up what the
LW fine art calendar 2015 is about.
We wanted to repeat, to you, watchwords like
integrity, strength, personality, kindness,
creativity, empathy, affinity, honesty, hope,
~ & a little bit of mischief 
every new month of the new year.

Warrior & illustrator Sara N’ Bergman has hand painted 
with her magic hand and in chalk & japanese ink
she has adorned the photography of Hannah Lemholt,
with some of their common favorite words by inspiring people
{all to be found credited in the index of the calendar prints}.

As we speak the printing process is in full swing, 
and we’ve had reports of tears of joy from the printing room floor.
Now it’s all about packaging and getting it into the store.
Then it’s all about getting it out to you.
And finally it’s all about finishing it beautifully,
~ & giving our best sendoff to the magic year of 2014,
before welcoming that whole new year.

full of Love,

the Warriors





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© Lemholt N’ Bergman / Love Warriors



a warrior remembers







These two new photographs, from LW summer’14,
will be joining some of your favorites, ~ & most requested
photos for prints from 2012 and 2013,
in the LW portfolio a Warrior Remembers;
an envelope with photographs in different sizes;
all for your mood boards and walls.




Launching very soon. Keep an eye out.
And remember to Love,

the Warriors





image n°1 | LW feather crown & accessories  also any day in the shop
image n°2 | the LW full moon maxi lace kimono launches indian summer ’14
photography © hannah lemholt / love warriors

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what’s up, warrior






It’s that time for us love warriors where, outwardly,
we’re quite silent. Behind the wings it’s as busy as ever.
Inter alia, final touches are being put to new pieces for
the LW warrior wardrobe, and that means we get to dive into
bone, horn, gold, feathers & the close collaboration
with our very favorite artisans.

Here’s another little sneak peek at the
LW arrow collection for s/s 14.
Forward, baby, forward.
Past all your fears.


with Love,

the Warriors




model : sara n bergman & 23 kilo python
earrings & necklace from the LW arrow collection s/s14
{golden} tats in face are by flash tattoos
photography : hannah lemholt

 got questions ? get answers : info@lwos.se
peace sign is hand painted by sara
© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors
| sara n bergman illustration



congrats & contingence







Photo art. You know we love it.
And by the sound of the numbers just swooshing by
in the LW photo art series by photographer Hannah Lemholt,
– you do too!

Congratulations to you who managed to catch this beauty
in its limited, signed & numbered fine art 100% cotton rag edition;
now a sold out hot commodity. {Semi-} seriously lovely pirates, ~ you gotta
stop offering us all kinds of bribes & kickbacks under-the-counter.
It really is sold out. We love it that you’re nuts though! 




We are happy to be able to offer another version this spring;
’sky-circles’ printed on the übercool material, tyvek; loved by all the stylists,
~ & one with a bit of both; sheen and sturdiness.
These prints come with two clips for hanging casually cool.

If you like it clean, like in these images,
you can attach double-coated adhesive tape, or washi-tape
to the back of your print and just put it straight to the wall, or by all means;
give it the royal treatment with glass & framework.




Dare to fall.
– you are given wings. 




‘sky-circles’ photo art print 
image n°1, 2, 3 | location & details : MO |  
photography by hannah lemholt
all illustrations by sara n bergman
© hannah lemholt photography / love warriors

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a warrior wish






we’re sending you a warrior to, first of all wish all you lovelies
a holiday season
just the way you wish for it to be.

.. she’s also a sneak peek at how, among other ways,
– we’re gonna welcome the new year. earlier this fall sara
and hannah began their long planned for warrior project, which 
will be featuring portraits of different warriors from around the world.
the warriors have, ~ & will have, two things in common;
sara’s hand painted patterns and a heart full of love.
the tribe will end up on special, hand touched fine art prints,
~ & also on a new little line of products that we’re so looking forward to.

truly the year of lovers & warriors.




what else is coming, you ask?
we say the new year will bring a whole lot of new LW love.
first in line are the kimonos, a new little limited edition of the
bones & skulls skull necklace, back by extremely popular demand
as you cleaned us out in a matter of hours last time,
~ & also some new stunning sheepskins.

we are taking a break  for christmas & new years though,
{from the 20th of december to the 1st of january.}
all to be fit for fight for you come the new year.


last, but certainly not least,
we wanna say a massive thank you
for the love & stunning support you’ve given us
this our first, crazy amazing year.



all the love in the world,

the warriors




warrior n°1 : camilla ericsson | bodypaint : sara n bergman
photography : hannah lemholt 
© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors

got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se
{however asking for your patience on slower pace over the holidays}
image bank for bloggers building up here

crazy pirates





guess you too work like captains & play like pirates cause
ohoy, did you go nuts about the bones & skulls 
skull necklaces last night ?! you managed to clean us out
in under an hour after we launched them. let’s first say
we’re glad you love ’em too !

and then, before our mail-server blows up;
we will re-stock a small quantity of those bad boys,
~ & we’ll try to do so in time for christmas.
it’s still limited edition so keep your head in the game, pirates,
~ & be on the lookout for ’a ship comes loaded..’ 




let us take this opportunity to also tell you
we’ve got love warriors giftcards in the making,
~ & are hoping to launch them shortly,
in good time for all those christmas wish lists..




 until next time, much love to all you
beautiful mermaid girls, rock’n’roll pirates,
~ & stunning autumn apple filchers,

the warriors



image n°1 & 2 | bones & skulls skull necklace | selfportrait by hannah | etc
image n°3 | throwback thursday – portrait of babysister e
all photography | © hannah lemholt photography  


pure everything





raise your glasses,
we have an announcement to make.

we’re happy to welcome, and present to you lovelies,
two new retailers of the love warriors brand.
pure and simple in stockholm, sweden
~ & pure love, a lifestyle store online, run by anna,
an interior stylist, who on instagram can be found under
the name of conceptbyanna

{yes. they’re daiquiris.}
get the cubanos out, it’s celebration time !




happy friday everyone ! 

with love, pure love,

the warriors 




 image n°1 | sara in her warrior headdress : limited edition soon available in the shop
image n°2 | beloved warrior whipsters going all backyard bali in LW 
preproduction dresses / prototypes + the shell necklaces : soon in the shop 
| sara is wearing the LW shell bracelet as an ankle cuff  

© hannah lemholt photography






 when we work, we work. 
and that is mostly what we do do.
a lot of work goes into being a love warrior.

then there’s play. 
{all work and no play, well, ~ you know..}

and when we play, we play.
a lot more play than we could’ve ever imagined
goes into being a love warrior.




did we tell you it all started as a dream
on the side of cocktails, – and a cocktail napkin
with a name scribbled on it ? 
just little over a year ago, spilling ideas and
perhaps some daiquiri, on that very piece of tissue,
on that very name,  – we would’ve never have thought
we’d be where we are today.

never thought it’d turn out to be a
love of our lives.




and what’s to say about that ?
a must is to say thank you. to you.
thank you for being a part of this journey
and bringing it, – & us even more love.

and what’s more ?
if you have a dream, don’t let it be
just a note, a name
scribbled on a piece of paper.
give it a shot. give it all you’ve got.
and love what you do.


// the warriors 




image n°1 | LW laser cut leather bag lovelace : restocked in the shop |
can i buy you a beard t-shirt is from buy me brunch |
rattlesnake sequin jacket : spell and the gypsy collective
/ also available at kyss johanna | crystal choker is hannah’s own vintage

image n°2 | it’s not just us, – there’s serious monkey love for the
box the leather is received in | sacred monkey forest, bali

image n°3 | hannah states it on paper for us :
do what you love. love what you do.

© hannah lemholt photography / love warriors 

boho bat(wo)man








yesterday we got to hang with our fellow warrior
for the ’memento vivere’ shoot in her studio
{images coming up with our new kimono series : soon}.
beside the killer skull necklace, our favorite bone carver guy
made by hand as a prototype, miss honeypie, – reluctant to have 
her picture taken, ~ was wearing her samples of the
bracelets with antique shells from papua;
that we’ve just launched in the shop.




you who’s signed up for love letters has already
received a heads up about this, ~ & you who sees it now;
we only have a limited edition of those babies,
so go get’em quick if you love’em as much as we do.

we’ve also re-stocked the incredibly popular
white & wider shell bracelets; the love story that
just keeps on going. the love warriors laser cut leather
is also finally back in stock, with the 1st round having sold 
out quicker than we could’ve ever imagined.
we’re dizzy happy with the thought you lovely fashionistas,
~ & gypsy glam lovelies, are now walking with our design tucked
under your arms, – the streets of new york, amsterdam,
tokyo, sydney etc.. you make us proud, sisters !




there we go.. shell accessories & leather is up in the shop.
kimonos are on their way. look out for the memento vivere collection,
with handmade bone skulls at the back, ~ & a whole lot of love
sewn into the seams. memento vivere {latin meaning ’remember to live’,
engendered by the admonition memento mori, meaning ’remember
to die’.} .. yes, that’s a warrior way of living. 






 what comes out of a shoot like this?
well, we can share a detail-shot, behind the scenes,
a self portrait by hannah, all ’skulled up’,
stronger than we think we ever saw her, so ready
to live that beautiful life. no reminder really required.




much love, ~ & happy weekend all lovely
everyday heroes,

the warriors 



 bracelets w. antique shells : just launched in the shop
wolf clan shaggy cardi : spell | also available at kyss johanna
batman tee : hannah’s own
image of hannah’s lovely muse lina courtesy of hannah for fira
photography : hannah lemholt | love warriors 
got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se
© hannah lemholt photography 

indian summer – the scents




scent has something magic to it, already in its name somehow,
~ & we’ve probably all had experiences of time travel in its company.
one of our most magic experiences involving scent at all, 
must be the hours we spent selecting top, ~ & base notes for these,
our first scented candles. just the setting.. an all white little candle factory
in the outskirts of the jungle; where the american owner had a longterm standing
collaboration with the world capital of perfume; grasse in france.

we travelled, in many ways, together that glowing afternoon;
carefully opening tiny apothecary bottles in long rows, 
labelled with their special perfume, ~ & mixing these, our three
final scents to start off with. a light, airy one; later named love and linen,
a ’middle one’, with flowery tones and history,
~ & a heavier one, with musky chocolate. something for each taste.




we would sit and listen to their stories of the scents,
~ & one in particular we so enjoyed; having seen both men and
woman wear a flower behind their ear in the little town.
we were taught the chempaka flower is used for worship in the temples,
but also worn as a sign, behind the ear of singles, to send the
fragrant & beautiful message that they are looking for love.
{eat dust facebook statuses..}






and now, as the indian summer selection has launched,
we are so happy to take you along with us, on this, our first fragrance journey..
we’re all children in the beginning as we say in swedish,
~ & we’d love some of your constructive feedback on our first attempt.




peace, love & fragrant memories,

the warriors




image n°1 | sara looking for love | shot by honeypie 
image n°2, 3, 4 & 6 | styling : sara n bergman | location : hedentorps
image n°5 | honeypie makes some typewriting
the love warriors scented candles are found here
© hannah lemholt photography


we love greenness




{for the fellow swedes}


nu finns en del av love warriors sortiment på
hedentorps plantskola, som vi tycker så mycket om.
tack till Er som kom och sa hej igår när vi var där.
det var fint att sakerna redan gick ur butiken, medan
vi bara var där och satte dit saker inför idag.

det är något visst med hedentorp.
kanske är det ljuset. kanske är det dofterna.
kanske är det allt det fantastiska gröna.
kanske är det de fina människorna som är där. 
kanske är det alltihop; i en enda blandning
som ger näring för själen.

och på sådana ställen; där vill vi vara. 




från och med i dag, eller igår blev det;
eftersom Ni godingar kom på tjuv-kik,
~ finns det alltså en plats, i alla fall i södra sverige
än så länge; där man bland annat kan känna
på temple flower keramiken, prova snäckhalsband
mot sommarhud och pussa på lace longhorns – bufflar
om man vågar..

vacker & inspirerande  helg önskar vi Er !

med kärlek, 

the warriors 




{some of the love warriors range can now be found
at lovely garden centre / nursery hedentorps
in the south of sweden.
stop by for a naturally‚ ~ & simply lovely time.}




n°1 | honeypie shoots sara, natural love state, in bali
n°2-6 | location / shop : hedentorps
n°6 | stag amulet fringe kimono & stag amulet ring : spell
got questions ? get answers : info@lwos.se
image bank for bloggers filling up here
all photography : hannah lemholt | honeypielivingetc

© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors




indonesian infatuations





  we receive so much love from you, almost exclusionary just that, – love.
the only time we’ve bumped into any kind of opposition,
it’s been with just a few of your voices;
wondering about the skulls of the love warriors  ’lace longhorns’.
how ever few; non the less important.
and as we’ve answered those few e-mails, 
we’d  like to take the opportunity, in this our love log,
to tell more of you, the story about it..





craftmanship and knowledge about working with bone and horn
is actually the very speciality of this little artisan village of indonesia.
it’s an untainted, innate and loving kind of ’holistic’ view,
if we ever witnessed one, – of animal handling. of not letting
anything go to waste, but rather treat every part and last bit,
with respect, knowledge and putting a whole lot of hours
into doing so. it’s never a question of using an animal for only
making a beautiful skull, but always one of making beauty
out of what otherwise would be thrown away.




 the connection with this family, their beauty and
the feeling of being treated to strong, sweet coffee in
their garden, of the fumbling but delightful attempts of
conversation, – that’s not as easily told about.
we hope the photos speak some of it. 

with a whole lot of love,

the warriors





got questions ? get answers : info@lwos.se
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shell necklace : stylists own | stag amulet ring : spell
all photography : hannah lemholt | honeypielivingetc
© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors





a midsummer night’s dream




 this long weekend of swedish midsummer
has passed in a whirlwind of work and play.
as close as one gets to a midsummer night’s dream,
we think. we’ve been shooting the new items for le shop
at a truly beautiful place & partying biker style.
mermaids & bikers, you know. a lovely combo.

we want to take this opportunity to say sorry
for a slight delay in pace of sending out your orders
and answering your e-mails this past week, 
due to said hard work & hard play. 





and we want to take this opportunity to share honeypie’s
way of using her peace stool, that will be released soon in le shop,
~ as a bedside table holding her latest finished books,
the flowers saved from the swedish tradition of spending
midsummer night sleeping with seven different kinds of flowers
under your pillow {and dream about your love to be} and
a whole lot of serenity and.. well, peace.

peace, love & dreams come true,

the warriors






another midsummer | portrait of sara n bergman by hannah lemholt
image n°2 & 3 | love warriors peace stool : soon in le shop
© hannah lemholt photography  




for mermaid misses & biker boys




to celebrate walpurgis night, say thank you
for the massive love we received after 
the sneak peek n°2 of le shop,
~ & because we’ve now gotten quite a few 
e mails asking about it; we wanna treat you 
to a spring-offer on our shell coasters.

{special set-price for six coasters}

let’s throw more dinner parties this spring
and summer ! we wanna do it in that boho chic
way that we so love, ~ & invite all our favorite
mermaid girls and biker boys.
love au naturel.





we’ve set our warrior table for tonights party. 
have you ? happy walpurgis night ! 

with love,

the warriors




n°2 & 3 | styling / location | sara n bergman / atelier 54
n°4 | styling / home | hannah lemholt 
© hannah lemholt photography

in bed with love warriors




well, there you have us, 
on a sunny morning after a long night
in stockholm. this photo actually  came to speak
a very true thing about us; about how 
every time we meet it’s super cosy
and so much fun it’s hard to say in words
 {also we don’t wanna nauseate you}.







yvonne, per, sara, hannah .. and introducing kerstin


 images are starting to surface on your beautiful blogs
 {like the lovely moonbeams and cloudberries, stunning and
super-talented anna at elle, and others,
and over on instagram there’s beautiful snaps
of the things you’ve started receiving in the mail. 
thank you, lovelies, for sharing, ~ it’s so
sweet to see how our things are taking their place
in your homes and how you capture them.

thank you !

more photos & new arrivals to come. 
the showroom is filling up with beauties 
that make us long for spring even more,
~ let’s make it a great one !



the warriors





photo n°1 : photography by patrik bernhardsson
photo n°5 of hannah : sara n bergman
all other photography & post production : hannah lemholt
© hannah lemholt | love warriors





one special day after another


yesterday was valentine’s day.
in sweden we don’t say valentine’s day.
we say something that is roughly translated into
the day of all hearts.

and it sure felt like the world was one. big. heart.
with an extra lot of love & excitement
from you guys around the world.

so we thought,
as we now received a record amount
of wishes to pre-order fine art prints,
buffalo skulls, mudra hands etc,
~ that we’d open the doors for the shop, just ajar;
with a few selected items,
in expectation of spring and what it will bring;
warrior love that is;
in shape of more of our own design in
ceramics, furniture, leather, candles & glass.
{we’ll also bring you handpicked
amazing urns, vintage big frames etc etc..}

a little sneak-opening.
cause we’re sneaky like that,
cause all is fair in love and war, and cause..
well, you filled up our hearts yesterday.

what are you still doing here ?
we’re over at le shop !

a little extra love
on this special day,
following a special day,

the warriors



sara at amazing kupu kupu barong, bali
© hannah lemholt photography

lace & leather


love warriors ’lace’ : 1 of 3 leather laser-cut laptop bags for spring’13 | ’savannah angel duster’ dress :spell


här i skandinavien känns ju våren {för att inte tala om sommaren}, 
enormt långt borta med dagar alltför korta på ljus, rök-molnig andedräkt,
~ & frostiga fönster. men vad vi njuter av, är att det känns som om
det på något sätt, kanske genom närkontakten till andra länder;
människor i andra länder, genom bloggar & instagram,
ändå går att ta på värmen som kommer att komma.
det och så att vi hasar rundor i mjuka kimonos & klänningar
från spell; som riktigt andas strand, frihet & långa kvällar.
då kan man nästan känna sanden mellan tårna, 
även om man egentligen har raggsockar på.




.. och så njuter vi av de första exemplaren av våra väskor;
laserskurna i läder, som sara designat.
lap top’en glider i som handen i handsken,
~ men vi kan inte slita oss från att använda dem även som
kuvert väskor under jul & nyårshelgens fester.
snart får Ni se även ’buffalo cut’ & ’skull cut’
som de andra två kallas. mumma.
läder, spets, jeans.. och raggsockar.
fast snart bara sand mellan oss, tårna, ~ & värmen.

hoppas att det nya året börjat underbart för Er.


the warriors 




 here in scandinavia, spring {not to mention summer}
undeniably feels very far away, with days all too short of light,
smoke-cloud breath, ~ & frost glittery windows.
but what we find ourselves so enjoying, 
is that it feels like, in some way, perhaps by the 
closeness to other countries; to people in other countries,
through blogs & instagram, 
~ like we can feel the warmth that will come, 
it is tangible somehow a little bit.
that and the fact that we shuffle along in the softest
silk kimonos & sheer dresses from spell and
the gypsy collective; that absolutely breathes of 
beaches, freedom & long, long evenings.
you can almost feel the sand between your toes then, 
even if you’re really wearing woolen teal socks.

.. and then we’re enjoying the first samples
of our laser-cut leather bags, designed by sara.
they fit our lap tops like a glove,
~ we can’t help but using them also as clutch bags
for the christmas & new years parties though.
soon we’ll show you the other two designs
as well; ’buffalo cut’ & ’skull cut’. yum.
leather, lace, denim.. and woolen socks. 
but soon just sand between us, our toes & the
warmth of spring and summer. 

we hope your year has started off beautifully !

with love,

the warriors




image bank for bloggers filling up : here
image bank for press : coming soon
got questions ? get answers : info@lwos.se
© hannah lemholt | love warriors





light and dust



vissa platser tar en med storm. vissa med som en ljus sand-storm.
så var det när vi kom till ’vårt’ keramikställe bortom risfälten.
bara att en ljus, stor rymd öppnar sig, mitt i allt det gröna;
av mjuk grå puts & vit stuckatur,
och sedan alla ansikten; de vänliga, nyfikna.
hur vi kommunicerar med gester & léenden;
plötsligt självklart universella, medan det puder-rosa
dammet yr & sara’s skisser byter händer,
~ & finner form, från hennes hand och penna
till deras händer och lera.





keramiken från love warriors
kommer Ni att få ta del av då det nya året
tar sin början. med allt från detaljer med organisk
skön känsla; som salt – & pepparkaren som ligger som
smycken på bordet vad man än redan har för annat porslin,
~ till stora fat, tallrikar & koppar ritade av sara.





ny vacker vecka till Er.

med kärlek,
the warriors 


image bank for press / bloggers coming soon
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© hannah lemholt | love warriors




some places takes you by storm. some by light sand storm even.
that’s what visiting ‘our’ pottery place beyond the rice fields, felt like.
just that bright, large space opening up, amid all the green;
of clean, but soft gray concrete  and intricate white stucco,
and then all the faces; the friendly & curious.
how we communicated with gestures and smiles;
suddenly instantly universal, while the powder-pink
dust whirled & sara’s sketches changed hands,
~ & found form; from her hand and pen
to their hands and clay.

the love warriors ceramics
you’ll get to see as the new year begins.
with everything from deco details with an organic,
and such pleasant feeling; like the salt – & pepper shakers
that can be placed like ceramic jewelry on the table;
whatever porcelain you already use,
~ to large dishes, plates & cups designed by sara.

wishing you a beautiful new week.

with love,
the warriors