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calendar making season

        As we whispered about over on instagram yesterday,it’s that time again..As the end of one year […]

the 4 first

      It was a very early February morning on the Island of the Gods,and neither the sun nor […]

warrior insta{nts}

    We fly to honeypie, to visit the London Design Festival,~ & spend some quality Warrior time sketching up […]

autumn animals

      LW scented candles | The Snake & The Octopus    the Story | the Snake : Snakes […]

lovers, spirits & a moon child

          sometimes,it should be nothing buta whisper.. a soft getting readyto say goodbye summer and a […]


      {The Story of the LW Memento Bracelets} Some things are just timeless.The LW bracelets with talismans(an object […]

yin and yang

        White and airy, floating over the bed in Hannah’s studiois the LW feather festoon, ~ & […]

a midsummer love letter

    feathers on my breath necklace | bones & skulls necklace | etc     The warriors are getting […]

summer 14 is in the house

      Last years treasure hunt is behind the warriors,and as we’ve returned from the battlefield,brought home the treasures […]

a warrior remembers

          These two new photographs, from LW summer’14,will be joining some of your favorites, ~ & […]

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