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the snake charmer





and here she is. the snake charmer. or rather her attire.
the snake charmer kimono.
she’s for the daring ones, for the ones that wanna be
a bit of both; wild & untamed but with a surprisingly soft touch.
as we told you about before, we decided not to produce any
real snake LW products, due to the cruel treatment we
couldn’t be guaranteed they would have to suffer, for us
to enjoy a stunning purse or clutch. we all stood in awe as the
spitting cobra raised, statuesquely transfixing us warriors
with its strong & unfaltering glance, ~ and spit its poison in
our direction. then we decided to simply be respectfully inspired
by its skin & yes, just so – surprisingly soft touch.. 





to see the painter’s daughter, or if you like more just the
dream of a snake we’ve presented them to you back in time,
~ & our honeypie has given you a glimpse of la parisienne
and any day now we’ll tell you a little more about the
daughter of smoke & bone ..
we’re already blown away by your welcoming
of this, our 1st little kimono collection, 
and we’re getting back to you on your pre-orders & questions
as fast as we can. oh, how you make us proud, sisters.


stay amazing!
much love,

the warriors




image n°1 & 2 | the snake charmer kimono
model : lina lindholm | mua & hair : jossi madsen |
image n°3 | honeypie types on a snake print from vintage printable |
image n°4 | styling / shoot location : sara n bergman
© hannah lemholt photography | hannah lemholt

got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se 



the painter’s daughter





 as we’ve told you a little bit about before, when we started whispering
about the dream of a snake & sacred monkeys, we’re launching 
our first kimonos this winter. as we’re spoiled to bits with receiving samples
to our door, we’re already lounging around in ours, enjoying the soft fall of viscose,
~ & the breathtaking feeling that the stories we shared turned patterns
turned something we’re now actually wrapping around us.

there were those aforesaid dream residues of snake cocktails & cobras,
and now here’s the painter’s daughter. our honeypie
has given you a little sneak peek glimpse of la parisienne  and soon you’ll
get to see a preview of the snake charmer and the daughter of smoke & bone.




come mid december we’re hoping to be able to launch the kimonos
for you to buy in the shop, if all works according to plan.
let’s hope they have a safe & happy journey,
~ & that we get to share ’em with you to also lounge around
in, come cosy christmas days. and for the girls 
out there with some fashion guts; to wear to all those
winter parties, boho glam {that is, by the way why we decided
against putting straps for the sash / belt, so that it’s at
the same time both kind of clothing}..

wishing you an inspired new week !
and love,

the warriors




image n°1 & 2 | the painter’s daughter kimono 
styling | shoot location : sara n bergman  
model : ingmari lamy
photography : hannah lemholt
© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors

got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se


dreams of snakes & sacred monkeys






we can still remember, with a murmur thru our hearts,
the lazy weekend mornings of our childhoods,
where our mothers & fathers would lounge around in
their kimonos and kaftans. it has a scent of coffee and the
morning paper, warm bread, to it. and we can still remember how
the ochre colored cotton kimonos would add up on the stone
wall hooks of that secret, old atrium bathhouse hidden
away in the forest. we can still remember the first ones we
bought ourselves, how the carefully selected patterns would flow
through our fingers and how they were worn and loved
to bits and pieces, until we reluctantly would let them go,
in one of all the moving clean-outs & moving ons. 




as a garment it has stayed with us thru the years,
and some of the best snapshots of life flickering in our hearts,
those beautiful; at first seemingly small moments that stay on, ~ would
for some reason, almost always, contain this timeless & sensual
attire. perhaps its the falling to the floor without a sound. 
perhaps its the feeling beautifully lazy in something that
has been worn by people for centuries;
whispering of lovingly detailed tea ceremonies
and focused, battling martial arts. 




we love wearing ours for the secret nights, ~ and the
out in the open ones alike, for just us as for events. with nothing
but bare skin, ~ & all dressed up.
and we’re starting off our own little collection, launching this winter,
with showing you this; our dream of a snake kimono.
as we don’t want to work with snakeskin,
this is the dream residue of the spitting cobra & the snake cocktail
from our journey. woven in is all the memories & dreams, 
the kimono-moments, ~ & a handmade little skull from bone.




.. so it’s kind of a full-circle-thing, being able to wear our
own design kimonos with murmurs of memories on the inside.
we can’t wait until they ship this winter
and we can share them with you lovelies.

already in love,

the warriors



dream of a snake
kimono : coming soon
denim : please | belt : vintage
designer / model : sara n bergman
shoot location : sacred monkey forest / raya, ubud
photography : hannah lemholt
got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se
© hannah lemholt / love warriors