Warriors of the World. vol 2

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The tribe is growing

   Our intention was to keep our warrior tribe growing and continue to add strong, beautiful warrior souls in to our warrior portrait collection

This week we are happy to announce the release of our new serie of world warriors. A project very close to our hearts. This series is       inspired by all the amazing creatures and characters we meet on our journeys around the globe, – & a reminder that we all have a fighter inside of us, that can be wisely brought out, who ever and where ever we are, when needed

This is a co-operation with the wonderful photograph Hanna Lemholt and the also so amazing illustrator and stylist Sara N Bergman in the twosome project Lemholt n´ Bergman. Sara paints withhand, heart (& kind children’s face paint) and Hannah shoots & immortalizes, magic souls and loving warriors, brought to you by LW. The pictures will be available in printed tyvek, paper and for this season we ad a new limited edition material Metallic plate


Art against the tabu

This day we got the wonderful opportunity to visit the openhearted balinese family of our chauffeur in Bali for a more than magical day

Our warriors are always dressed in white, so first we faces a confusion, the religion of Hindu is set with some societal taboos; as according to the old Hindu caste system the general rule of thumb is the people in lower casts is not allowed to wear white

This very day, they did not just openhearted invited us in to there homes, the stod up and gave us a very special gift; bravely they challenged the obsolete system and took what they could find in white; table cloth, bed linnen and fabrics to dress them self as our world warriors. Let there courage be seen in the pictures


Warrioes summary


In the second serie of LW Warriors of the world we have not less than six new warriors. The black and white close ups in 50*50 and warrior no5 and no11 in available in 100*100 dimensions. The metall plate is made in a new large sale on 100*150.

Printed on Tyvek, a modern material loved by all the stylists; one with a bit of both; sheen and sturdiness. Tyvek is a synthetic material of high density and high-gloss. The material is very strong, thin and water resistant. Embossed with a stamp to guarantee authenticity. It comes with a rail to steady the print and 2 clips to easy mount it on the wall as soon as you got it

Limited edition, standing metallic plate. Printed on a a metall plate standing on its own or hanging from the wall. Here you can find the warriors in standing design with a beautiful light coloring

the Warriors


© hannah lemholt photography for love warriors