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you children of the moon



We just have to pop in to say we are - yes, over the moon -
about your response to our new Moon Child Botanicals range!

We can’t wait to see your beautiful faces dabbed in the face mask of pure
white clay mixed with chocolate (cause we know you’re brave like that)
or the bottles styled & used your way over on instagram.
Don’t forget to tag your images #loveLW to show up here,
- & for a chance at a little gift;
going out to our december fave photo.


Wishing you much beauty this winter week.


the Warriors


image n°1 | the LW Moon Child Botanicals face mask | etc
image n°2 | the range styled by Sara N Bergman
image n°3 | it’s not rocket science - but it’s almost voodoo it’s so good /
graphics by Hannah Lemholt for Love Warriors
© Hannah Lemholt Photography / Love Warriors

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