The Story

We are a tribe of treasure-hunters traveling the world to find unique items and
hidden gems. During our journeys we hunt for treasures in corners of the world
forgotten by others. We visit demolition sites, petrified forests and small
workshops to bring home items we cannot resist, be it carved wood, plaited
baskets or vintage tea tables.

We also design and make the details to adorn, complete and give that little extra
to life. Photo art has a special place in the warrior heart and the LW photo
collection is always expanding. Be it bijou, clothes, bags or interior pieces,
everything we make is made with love, has a story attached and a reason to be.

Traveling inspires our designs and is the reason behind our lightweight and
multi-functional collection, with everything from bijou and kimonos to passport
holders and leather tote bags. With beautiful materials and detailing, all our
designs are made to be seen when not packed into your backpack, suitcase or wardrobe.

In the Love Warrior shop you will find the things we love and the things we have
lacked. We welcome you to come treasure hunting in the Love Warrior universe.


The Warriors

Per Sandahl

i am the warrior of seeing prospect in a grain of sand, doing numeral vodoo and making sure the tribe stays brave.
with love,


per sandahl

Love Warriors

i am the warrior of weaving dreams into reality, planning the tribe’s future moves and keeping it real.
with love,

CEO & Creative Director

Yvonne Arentoft

+46(0)73 776 0591
Stina Berggren

i am the warrior of match-making, finding the right lover to every one of our LW treasures and items. i also make sure that our love nest is an inspiring place for aspiring lovers to visit and for our treasures to stay temporarily before finding new loving homes.
with love,

Sales Manager

Stina Berggren

+46(0)73 997 44 62
Caroline Ranås

i am the warrior of creativity and visuality. i sun dance before our photo shoots and painting us in patterns before the battle field. i am a seeker of new path and shapes, as co-designer of our new creations. i am also the spider of our warrior webb.
with love,

Art Director

Caroline Ranås

+46(0) 76 - 012 12 00
Calle Svärding

I am the warrior of caretaking and treat each of our treasures with love and gentleness as they arrive in our love nest. We also make sure that their future journey is safe and always find their way to your love nest. we manage all questions with utmost love and we look forward to hearing from you.

Warehouse Warrior

Calle Svärding

+46(0)739-97 44 62