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The wild horses at Sable Island


The Wild horses at Sable Island

Join the Swedish photographer Hanna Wigart during her incredible
meeting with the beautiful nature of Sable Island. Also see the photos of the truly wild and unmanaged
horses living at this island.

A small Canadian island, situated on the coast of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Parks Canada protects and also manage the island. Back in 2008 the iland had an annual population of about 5 people. Four of them was staff at the research station and one was a residential researcher. During the summer months the number increased and included then photographers and season-specific researchers. In addition, the iland is well known for their wild horses. Better known as the sable island Pony. To be able to enter the island you need to get special permit from the coast guard.

Hanna stayed on the island for six weeks, and his photo series captures
her amazing encounters with the wild horses. Produced by Love Warriors.

Finally, ENJOY..!

The wild horses at Sable Island

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