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before the bloom



Oh, this longing for spring.. It is infused in all our nordic hearts.
Us warriors long for the light, the flowers, the birds,
- & for the ship filled with LW s/s15 treasures to reach these northern seas.
One of the things we long most for to arrive, is the new LW line of towels.
We are silly over the moon about them, waiting at the shore for them to arrive;
linen & cotton, LW designed lace, different stunning tones and just as
beautiful & useful in the bathroom as in the kitchen..

.. and for you who’s itching, shading your face with your hand,
squinting at the horizon, wondering,
- the LW s/s15 collection La Bohème is launching april / may.

Until then,
Bloom Where You Are Planted.

the Warriors


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© Love Warriors

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