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Summer Vibes

"An unforgettable meeting"
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filled with memories from our travels ...

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Welcome to the summer sale of 2019

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Candle holders
"where there is light, there is love"

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Orangutan and flower poster

New release for the children's room
Poster Rebels by Love Warriors

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it's time to add some summer vibes to your gallery walls, lovelies!

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Quality Posters and Home Deco

Love Warriors, What we do

Quality posters, photo art, print and home deco in this web shop are produced and made by the creative team of  Love Warriors. We love to tell a story and because of that we always want to have a story to tell with our high quality posters. Therefore, every series of our art prints and posters has a theme, a mission and a passion. Above all, wall art has a special place in our warrior hearts. As a result, the Love Warriors posters and print collection is always expanding. You find a lot of different categories, such as Fragments, Walk of life and Voices, just to mention a few of them. You also find Postcards, Paper bags and Print accessories.

Love Warriors, Who we are

We are like a tribe of Scandinavian treasure hunters similarly traveling the world to find unique vintage details and
hidden treasures. Because of this, we find details for interior design and we find them in corners of the world
that has been forgotten by others. Also, we visit demolition sites, petrified forests and small workshops where we can bring home interior we just cannot resist. Because of that, not only posters and print, we also can offer carved wood, plaited baskets, flower pots and vintage tea tables.

For the Love of our mission

In addition, we also design and make the details to adorn, complete and add that little extra. Equally important, it can be wall art, urns, flower pots, kimonos or interior details. Finally, everything we make is made with love, has a story attached. And even more, a reason for being.
Because of this, You will find the things we love and the things we have lacked. Above all, it is a part of our mission, to spread love through loveable items, inspiring characters and the spirit of a warrior soul. You find them in our Love Warriors Home Deco category.

Poster Rebels by Love Warriors

Poster Rebels is a new and affordable label, produced by the creative studio of Love Warriors. We are the rebels within the Love Warriors family. Because we take pride in being ahead of the rest. Therefore, our heart lies in designing and producing quality posters and print. As a result, you as our customer can buy high quality posters to a lesser cost. We create them colourful and contemporary, this because we want to make it possible for you as our customer, to be able to adorn your homes with amazing high quality posters.

Equally important,  we work independently and fast to bring you new and affordable possibilities to create unique gallery walls. You will find quality posters and print in different categories at Poster Rebels, and not to mention, that we will release new designs continuously. You find Poster Rebels here.

Love Warriors Photo Art is uniquely made for the seasonal catwalk, while Poster Rebels makes equally unique material, but more condensed. Above all, we want to show you our visions. Or in other words, the essential look of the moment. Due to that, our customers will get cool and simple images to provide your walls with a new look. You find Poster Rebels here.

Materials and Production

We print all our quality posters in Sweden. We print on a luxury fine art 240 gsm uncoated premium paper. The paper has a matte finish to guarantee the highest printing quality, after all it is all about quality. Our paper is FSC certified and age resistant. Our print house is environmentally certified according to ISO 14001. It also is Svanen certified. As a result of this, our customers can feel they have contributed to the environment in a good way. You can read more about our sustainability program here.

Poster Rebels is the affordable way to bring more love to your walls!

Makers and Producers of quality poster, wall art, print and home deco.


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