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in bed with love warriors





well, there you have us, 
on a sunny morning after a long night
in stockholm. this photo actually  came to speak
a very true thing about us; about how 
every time we meet it’s super cosy
and so much fun it’s hard to say in words
 {also we don’t wanna nauseate you}.







yvonne, per, sara, hannah .. and introducing kerstin


 images are starting to surface on your beautiful blogs
 {like the lovely moonbeams and cloudberries, stunning and
super-talented anna at elle, and others,
and over on instagram there’s beautiful snaps
of the things you’ve started receiving in the mail. 
thank you, lovelies, for sharing, ~ it’s so
sweet to see how our things are taking their place
in your homes and how you capture them.

thank you !

more photos & new arrivals to come. 
the showroom is filling up with beauties 
that make us long for spring even more,
~ let’s make it a great one !



the warriors





photo n°1 : photography by patrik bernhardsson
photo n°5 of hannah : sara n bergman
all other photography & post production : hannah lemholt
© hannah lemholt | love warriors





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