Warriors of the world



Here begins the story of the Love Warriors of the World, a project very close to our hearts. This series is inspired by all the amazing people and characters we meet on our journeys around the globe. We want it to be a reminder that we all have a fighter inside of us. A fighter that can be wisely brought out, who ever and where ever we are, when needed. Like our young friend from our Bali warrior family, portrayed as our eleventh warrior. In addition, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or the way you look.

Our loved warrior Sara N Bergman paints with hand and heart and kind children’s face paint. Another loved warrior, photographer Hannah Lemholt shoots and immortalizes, magic souls and loving warriors, brought to you by Love Warriors.

”Be the change that you wish to see in the world”     Mahatma Gandhi


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Welcome to Love Warriors

Love Warriors are producers and makers of photo art, print and posters. We always have a story to tell.

With every series of our art prints and posters there is a theme, a mission and a passion.
Things we want to tell or pay attention to. Wall art has a special place in the warrior heart and
the LW art print collection is always expanding.

We are a tribe of treasure-hunters traveling the world to find unique vintage details and
hidden gems. During our journeys we hunt for interior design in corners of the world
forgotten by others. We visit demolition sites, petrified forests and small
workshops to bring home interior we cannot resist, be it carved wood, plaited
baskets, flower pots or vintage tea tables.

We also design and make the details to adorn, complete and give that little extra
to life. Be it urns, flower pots, kimonos or interior details,
everything we make is made with love, has a story attached and a reason to be.
In the Love Warrior shop you will find the things we love and the things we have
lacked. It´s a part of our mission – to spread love – through lovable items, inspiring characters
and the spirit of a warrior soul.

We welcome you to come treasure hunting in the Love Warrior universe.


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