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lovers, spirits & a moon child

          sometimes,it should be nothing buta whisper.. a soft getting readyto say goodbye summer and a […]

lovers & warriors mantra

          We’re suckers for the duality of things,  the yin and the yang if you will,~ […]


      {The Story of the LW Memento Bracelets} Some things are just timeless.The LW bracelets with talismans(an object […]

what’s up, warrior

        It’s that time for us love warriors where, outwardly,we’re quite silent. Behind the wings it’s as […]

jungle sunsets

      Here we are, wishing we could bottle up the Balisunsets, to bring home for the shop, ~ & […]

on mermaids

        There’s a lot of mermaid inspiration floating around at the moment{pun indeed intended}.. and we love […]

sketching up spring

       popping in to say hi lovelies,hoping the new year has taken offto a great start for you […]

crazy pirates

      guess you too work like captains & play like pirates causeohoy, did you go nuts about the bones […]

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