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november loves

      november is, so far, all about transitioning from ourlingering indian summer into a sweden that is putting […]


       when we work, we work. and that is mostly what we do do.a lot of work goes into […]

boho bat(wo)man

         yesterday we got to hang with our fellow warriorfor the ’memento vivere’ shoot in her studio{images […]

a sacred soft-start

    .. with a soft-start jump we’re now realizing our plans,~ & are adding some ’fashion’ to the love […]

the bali way

    a designer, ~ & photographer greeting from bali.having evening meetings at little restaurants tucked awayin narrow alleys; where […]

love lace

      one of the {many} perks of being a love warrioris you get to enjoy the prototypes. the true joy […]

we love leather

  it started with wishes for a beautiful way to carry our laptops around.we were on a plane somewhere over indonesia, ~ […]

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