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warriors around the world






One of the Love Warriors projects for 2014,
~ & also planned to be an ongoing one,
is portraits of warriors around the world.
Test printed big and bold, ~ & already being lent out
to shoots & stylists, are the four first warriors;
Adi, Camilla, Lamy & Adéle.
And in whispering stunning shadows,
awaits already more of those to follow, shot on
the Love Warriors travels,
~ carrying so much light to come. 








There’ll be big and bold prints; both of simpler,
& de luxe version and there’s big photo printed paper bags
and beautiful match stick boxes in the pipeline.
We’re already head over heels in love with our warriors,
~ & hope you’ll be too.

Keep a look out for honor & courage,
abundance & simplicity, strength & softness,
here, on instagram and in magazines coming up.. 
And remember ’Walk tall, kick ass, love music
and never forget you come from a long line
of truth seekers, lovers and warriors.’ *





thank you to the four first warriors;
adi quade, camilla ericsson, ingmari lamy & adéle, the elephant,
hand painted with love & childrens water color face paint
by sara n bergman | shot by hannah lemholt

© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors

* quote by hunter s. thompson




congrats & contingence







Photo art. You know we love it.
And by the sound of the numbers just swooshing by
in the LW photo art series by photographer Hannah Lemholt,
– you do too!

Congratulations to you who managed to catch this beauty
in its limited, signed & numbered fine art 100% cotton rag edition;
now a sold out hot commodity. {Semi-} seriously lovely pirates, ~ you gotta
stop offering us all kinds of bribes & kickbacks under-the-counter.
It really is sold out. We love it that you’re nuts though! 




We are happy to be able to offer another version this spring;
’sky-circles’ printed on the übercool material, tyvek; loved by all the stylists,
~ & one with a bit of both; sheen and sturdiness.
These prints come with two clips for hanging casually cool.

If you like it clean, like in these images,
you can attach double-coated adhesive tape, or washi-tape
to the back of your print and just put it straight to the wall, or by all means;
give it the royal treatment with glass & framework.




Dare to fall.
– you are given wings. 




‘sky-circles’ photo art print 
image n°1, 2, 3 | location & details : MO |  
photography by hannah lemholt
all illustrations by sara n bergman
© hannah lemholt photography / love warriors

got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se
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limited edition | unlimited love




we’re so happy about how you received our
very first love warriors calendar
a year in the life of lovers & warriors
here’s a little heads up that there’s only a
few left in stock, ~ & then it’s sold out.
limited edition. unlimited love.




hoping january is giving you lots of smiles,
~ & wishing you a beautiful weekend !
with love,

the warriors




a year in the life of lovers & warriors LW photo art calendar’14 
LW peace pallet | photos : hannah lemholt 



final hours






we hope you’ve had a super-cosy christmas,
that the final hours of 2013 are beautiful ones,
~ & that the new year begins in magical ways for you.

 on the 1st day of 2014, tomorrow that is, the warriors are back
to business as usual, ~ & we are still sending out
the LW photo art calendar around the world !
thank you for all the beyond amazing feedback & love for it..

.. and trusting its january, it’ll be one full of joy.




see you in the new year, lovely people !

with a whole lot of love,

the warriors




image n°1 & n°3 | december & january from the LW photo art calendar ’14
a year in the life of lovers & warriors | model : lina lindholm |
bodypaint  : sara n bergman | photography : hannah lemholt 
image n°2 | honeypie scribbles down the words for december’s foxy girl
© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors

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a warrior wish






we’re sending you a warrior to, first of all wish all you lovelies
a holiday season
just the way you wish for it to be.

.. she’s also a sneak peek at how, among other ways,
– we’re gonna welcome the new year. earlier this fall sara
and hannah began their long planned for warrior project, which 
will be featuring portraits of different warriors from around the world.
the warriors have, ~ & will have, two things in common;
sara’s hand painted patterns and a heart full of love.
the tribe will end up on special, hand touched fine art prints,
~ & also on a new little line of products that we’re so looking forward to.

truly the year of lovers & warriors.




what else is coming, you ask?
we say the new year will bring a whole lot of new LW love.
first in line are the kimonos, a new little limited edition of the
bones & skulls skull necklace, back by extremely popular demand
as you cleaned us out in a matter of hours last time,
~ & also some new stunning sheepskins.

we are taking a break  for christmas & new years though,
{from the 20th of december to the 1st of january.}
all to be fit for fight for you come the new year.


last, but certainly not least,
we wanna say a massive thank you
for the love & stunning support you’ve given us
this our first, crazy amazing year.



all the love in the world,

the warriors




warrior n°1 : camilla ericsson | bodypaint : sara n bergman
photography : hannah lemholt 
© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors

got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se
{however asking for your patience on slower pace over the holidays}
image bank for bloggers building up here

the year of lovers & warriors





let us tell you guys who hasn’t already got an eye on this,
~ & us, over on instagram, – what our beloved warriors miss bergman
and miss lemholt has been up to this october & november..

we’ve talked a little bit about it before.
the 1st ever love warriors calendar is about to come to light,
~ & let’s just say we’ve been as busy as ever, getting it all
together for the new year. the year we call

the year of lovers & warriors




it’s all heart, ~ & handmade. miss bergman has hand painted everything
from the name of the months on bodies, to the dates under the finished photographs.
the photos, shot by miss lemholt, is a mix of washed out scandinavian colors,
~ & timeless black and whites, which she has then lovingly covered in
scanned 200 year + antique french glass silvered plate.



 printed large, in a3 format  {29,7 x 42 cm | 11,7 x 16,5 in} it’s both boldly beautiful and
has space for your handwriting to begin, in scribbled notes & circumscribed dates.
and the print? well, the paper is, of course, not just any ol’ one.
it’s a 270 g premium, fine art uncoated paper. 
the fine art sheets come intact for you to choose your own way of hanging,
pinning or perhaps magnet fastening, ~ & for the opportunity to
cut out the square format photos clear; should you wish to use them
more as your own kind of art some other way.



and as if that wasn’t enough to make it the, dare we say it,
~ christmas gift of the year, we’re packing the beautiful, handmade box
it comes in, with three additional fine art prints, shot by miss lemholt to boot.
printed just as large as the rest & on the same beautiful paper, you get your
hands on some fine art goodness. one is the 1st photograph atop in this post,
~ & the other two are these, ‘alaïa’ and ‘rock on, love’. 







 launching in the shop this weekend we’re giving you a
loving, golden heads {and hand-} up about this limited edition
box of goodness that we hope will bring you, or someone you love,
a lot of joy in the new year, ~ the one of lovers & warriors.


rock on, lovers,
~ & fight the good fight,

the warriors




model : lina lindholm
mua & illustrator : sara n bergman
mua for ‘rock on, love’ : jossi madsen
photography : hannah lemholt
© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors

got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se




yesterday’s news, tomorrow’s news





well, in truth it’s tomorrows news
to say buh bye october.

we still wanna say it though,
~ with a thank you october,
for being such an awesome month,
with a thank you to you for making it
even more beautiful for us,
and with this little sneak peek from the
little calender project we’re currently
working on in stockholm, sweden.

so buh bye october..and

why, hello november !
you’re lookin’ all stunning so far !

 with love,

the warriors





model : lina lindholm
sketching & styling : sara n bergman
shoes are sam edelman
© hannah lemholt photography

a spoonful of love




you might already know we’re {coco}nuts about
natural materials like wood, horn & bone.
especially the naturally aged ones with that special,
worn beauty that only time can render.
well, let’s just say we love it.

we love how it’s been loved, how it gives
our homes that unique touch that we
always strive for, ~ & we love how it just works,
both in simple style & beauty and also;
proven over time, with its worn look as the sign;
to have worked over and over again. 



this time it’s almost all about spoons.
we bought ours already last year; on our very first warrior trip,
as we fell instantly in love with the antique spoons
from papua; made from coconut.
since then they’ve been featured in some interior magazines
and spread on blogs, ~ & you’ve wondered about how to get ’em.

now we’ve saved you a trip to papua, ~ & are so happy to have
tracked them down, thoroughly handpicked the most
beautiful ones and brought them home for the shop. and you.
we use ours in our bathrooms; gracing bowls & jars of
bath salts, and in our kitchens, to go with brown sugar
and white sea salt. they’re a simply such a beautiful detail..




.. and so are the crescent moon warriors.
we just love those little bad boys too. that love story
started the same way; with us falling head over heels
and going all have to have – nuts.

these are also antique and from papua, ~ & in this case
they’ve been used for storing medicine and we actually use
some of ours that way too. also they’re really cool, just as they
are; again with that quality we love; casually bringing
a unique touch to our homes, making statements
on piles of books and next to those fresh cut flowers.




so. a spoonful of love makes the medicine go down. we say.
and it’s all to be found in the shop just now.
hey autumn beautifiers, we love you !

the warriors





antique spoons from papua : just launched in the shop
towel from rory dobner. we’re crushing on that guy.
crescent moon warriors : just launched in the shop too

selfportrait & stills is by our honeypie
image bank for bloggers filling up here
got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se
all photography © hannah lemholt | love warriors


photo art vol.2²






thank you for the ever so sweet & amazing
feedback on the announcement of our
2nd photo art series !

to clarify & answer some of your
wonderings; the a mad girl’s love song series
will consist of five photographs.
two of ’the girls’ could be seen here;
jillian and helena,
~ & the other three is shown here.
we give you lelia {above}, who
sees through her heart, hasselblad style.
then there’s jane ..




 .. the heroine, who knows not to judge,
as she knows that in every person’s story
there are “unknowns, ~ struggles only they know
about..” * and who has a layer of
lovingly scanned 200 year + antique french glass
silvered plate, to top off her mystery.

 last but not least, there’s sam.
named after the fictitious name of mark twain;
samuel, or sam as he was called,
~ the man to whom so many wise & funny
sayings can be attributed.
one of which the oh so hard,
but ah so true words-to-live-by
carried on the back of our sam; at the 
same time lace flounce fragile
and full of fortitude..




and there you have ’em.
they’re all heroines in their own way, warriors of love for sure,
~ &  all in the format closest to our photographer’s heart;
the square one; but still so thinking outside the box.

they’re all printed the way we think they
should be seen, ~ & the way photo art is usually at its best;
big & bold, to make a statement on your walls.

who’s your girl ? 


with love, 

the warriors




still got questions ? get them answered : info@lwos.se
all photography © hannah lemholt / love warriors
image bank for bloggers filling up here

* from ’i am a mother’ by jane clayson johnson,
after whom hannah’s heroine is also named.


photo art vol.2




we love that you love photo art just as much as we do,
~ & we are so happy about the response to the
first series of photographs, where one is sold out 
any day now, and the rest are also being shipped to
all parts of the world in a steady stream.

following up the success of that, we are about to
launch a second series of photographs
by hannah lemholt, our honey warrior.
for this series we’re printing on a modern material,
loved by all the stylists; one with a bit of both;
sheen and sturdiness, ~ & the prints will
come with two clips for hanging casually cool. 




the series is called a mad girl’s love song
and in hannah’s own words it’s a
‘series of distorted portraits, contorted into
new life. a book of love and a mad girl’s
love song. inspired by, among other writers;
the works of sylvia plath.’

we’re happy they’re already being used 
for lovely magazine shoots,
~ & the first shipment is in the air;
heading for the lovely down under of 
surfer de luxe & boho chic, to
australia’s stunning les interieurs.





it is worth repeating for the photo art volume two series,
the words of anne tucker;

all art requires courage

the love warrior agrees & are already falling
for the mad girl and her love song..







 image n°2-4 | location : hedentorps | gervasoni’s ghost sofa |
z1 lamp : lily and oscar | styling : sara n bergman 
image n°5 & 6 | photographs from a mad gir’s love song : ’jillian’ & ’helena’
all photography : hannah lemholt | © hannah lemholt photography

got questions? get answers : info@lwos.se
image bank for bloggers filling up here
© hannah lemholt photography | love warriors





hey summer,




come on in,
we’re longing to see you !




 in the meantime we’ll just keep working
on sending frames, skulls, shell pendants etc
to our lovely customers around the world. mm’key ?

on the subject of skulls;

some restock on the white lace longhorns
will be expected next week, so be prepared, you
lovelies who’s been sad to miss out.




specially for the swedes :

under vecka 25 är kärleks-krigarna samlade
i skåne för både fest & jobb, 
~ & då passar vi på att köra hemleveranser
av de mer svår-skickade finheter Ni efterfrågar;
som urnor & ramar, till Er godingar nere i
de södra delarna av vårt vackra land.
{mer info kommer i love letter om Du
’signat upp’ Dig för det..}



with love,

the warriors




homes / styling : sara n bergman / hannah lemholt
got questions ? get answers : info@lwos.se
image bank for bloggers filling up : here
© hannah lemholt / love warriors 



we love leather



it started with wishes for a beautiful 
way to carry our laptops around.
we were on a plane somewhere over 
indonesia, ~ & our dreams were flying
equally high. said and done; sara started
sketching and come 2013 we found an
amazing swedish tannery, a little
company with a lot of heart and skill,
that has been producing some of
the world’s finest premium leather 
since 1873, ~ & with just the 
environmentally sound production and
standpoint that we wanna be part of.


LWLeatherLaceEnvironment01 LWLeatherLaceEnvironment02

if you’re curious, tärnsjö ~ house of leather,
has some beautiful short movies about
the story behind the tannery that
’open the doors to their unique business, 
share the ethos of their craftsmen
and the spirit of the beautiful place they
call home‘. we are so happy it is them 
that are now completing sara’s
visions for our love leather range,
~ & so proud to say not only
’said and done’,
but also dreamt and done ..


LWLeatherLonghornsModel03 LWLeatherLonghornsModel02


last but not least
we are also so happy about
the amazing & lovely feedback
from you guys; on these first
two items in the love leather range,
~ & as some of you have wanted
to know over on instagram;
yes ! do sign up for love letters
here with us,
to receive a heads up when
’longhorns’ &’ lovelace’ are to
be released in le shop.

with love, 

the warriors



designer : sara n bergman
model : troy hébert 
photographer : hannah lemholt
© hannah lemholt | love warriors



spring ’13



{metal tray ’egoïste’ | soon in the shop | our showroom kitchen}

along with our project for the 
concierge area at MOOD, stockholm,
we’re working on getting the newly arrived
beauties into the shop. we’re so happy
about your inquiries; that you got your eyes on us,
~ and we promise to hurry hurry hurry. 
you’re in the mood for spring, just
like us it seems. sweeties !


{metal tray [clean] | soon in the shop}

some of the things we’re so happy to see,
finally in our own nordic environment,
along with the already popular bronze lanterns,
is the love warriors metal trays; handmade 
from old oil-drums and the simply s t u n n i n g
vintage wooden bowls that we’ve, in our minds, 
already placed in so many clean, 
glossy settings; to add that final; organic, 
genuine & unique touch we always
aspire for‚ ~ and love.



{vintage wooden bowls | soon in the shop}

we promise to keep you updated here & on instagram,
on when we release those new arrivals in the shop.
perhaps we’ll have time to show you
some more of it here, before then.
in any case; we wish you a beautiful new week !
see you soon. stay happy.

with love,

the warriors



styling : sara n bergman
©hannah lemholt | love warriors



in bed with love warriors




well, there you have us, 
on a sunny morning after a long night
in stockholm. this photo actually  came to speak
a very true thing about us; about how 
every time we meet it’s super cosy
and so much fun it’s hard to say in words
 {also we don’t wanna nauseate you}.







yvonne, per, sara, hannah .. and introducing kerstin


 images are starting to surface on your beautiful blogs
 {like the lovely moonbeams and cloudberries, stunning and
super-talented anna at elle, and others,
and over on instagram there’s beautiful snaps
of the things you’ve started receiving in the mail. 
thank you, lovelies, for sharing, ~ it’s so
sweet to see how our things are taking their place
in your homes and how you capture them.

thank you !

more photos & new arrivals to come. 
the showroom is filling up with beauties 
that make us long for spring even more,
~ let’s make it a great one !



the warriors





photo n°1 : photography by patrik bernhardsson
photo n°5 of hannah : sara n bergman
all other photography & post production : hannah lemholt
© hannah lemholt | love warriors





killer cute & ceramics



we’ve had our first dinner date using the
love warriors ceramics.
and what a dinner it was.
with all the warriors coming
together there’s something that
seem to always happen.

let’s just say it’s magic.




{dinner plate + plate : love warriors}


the ceramic is handmade & we love how
it has that organic feel; just the way we wanted it
and how the bowls remind us of shapes from 
nature; like shells, and how well it goes 
with both rough linen & striped paper napkins,
and how it just.. works, ~ in the ways that 
you don’t really know on a sketchpad, but
until you all of a sudden eat from it,
put it in the microwave oven, or  accidentally
drop one, or deliberately throw one
as the greek spirit moves you further into the
night for that matter. we’ll say it again..




{salt, ~ & pepper shakers | mini bowl | mother of pearl spoon : love warriors}

we’re planning for spring, 
we’re gonna bombard you with photographs, 
we’re sending packages for you lovelies around the world, 
we’ve got to use the ’sold out’ sticker more than we
were prepared for, ~ & we’re loving every single minute.
we’ve also grown by one additional warrior.
meet kerstin. also known as killer-kerstin.
{the kitchen-broom is.no.more.}  





so that’s some new treasures for you.
more to come. much much love,

the warriors





model : kerstin
LW ceramics : soon in le shop
styling / home : sara n bergman 
© hannah lemholt | love warriors



more art, more love.

’dogma’ : limited edition fine art print : hannah lemholt for love warriors

vi är så glada över all Er fina respons,
instagram & i mail, över den serie fotokonst
som hannah lemholt skapat speciellt för oss.
här är en närmare titt på de två sista
fotografierna {& de andra kan Ni se här}..
tack för kärleken !


FineArtPrintsASpyInTheHouseOfLove01’a spy in the house of love’ : limited edition fine art print : hannah lemholt for love warriors

på det finaste av hahnemühle papper 
trycks just nu varje fotografi för att  finnas i
en limiterad upplaga av 50 exemplar per fotografi i vår
web-shop så snart den öppnar. i bokhandeln, när
det inhandlas signerings-penna med litet pappers-prov
suckas det till och med högljutt mellan de fina i kassan,
med ett ’vad är det här för fantastiskt papper..’
och vi har molnig andedräkt & kalla kinder, 
men varma hjärtan när vi ger oss ut 
i snön igen.

tack för kärleken !

the warriors




we are so happy about all your lovely feedback,
on instagram & in e-mails, over the series of
fine art prints, that hannah lemholt
has created especially for us.
here’s a closer look at the last two photographs
{& the other two can be seen here} ..
thank you for the love !

on the finest of hahnemühle paper
each photograph is printed as we speak, and
will be available in a limited edition of 50 copies,
in our web-shop as soon as it opens.
in the local bookstore, where a special pen for signing
is searched for with a small paper sample,
the sweeties behind the counter even sighs enjoyably
with a ‘what kind is this amazing paper..?
and we have cloudy breath & cold cheeks,
but warm hearts, when we go out
into the falling snow again.

thank you for the love !

the warriors 



home | location | styling : marie olsson nylander, MO
fine art prints by hannah lemholt : soon in le shop
image bank for bloggers filling up here
got questions ? get answers : info@lwos.se
© hannah lemholt | love warriors 







vi drömmer om varma hav & ljuden inuti snäckor. 
vi skissar & väljer bland tygprover för det
projekt vi jobbar på nu; stockholm’s nya galleria MOOD,
med glas, rymd, höjd, ~ & juicebar till granne
och vi träffar hantverkare som jobbat med läder sedan
1800-talet {eller ja, deras garveri har funnits sedan dess.
vi har alltså inte stött på odödliga pirater. än.}

vi drömmer om varma hav & ljuden inuti snäckor.
och så väntar vi på en båt som ska nå sverige i februari,
~ fullastad med love warrior skatter. snart står web-butiken
klar; så att Ni kan speja på förhand med oss..

med kärlek, 

the warriors 




we dream of warm seas and the sounds inside of shells.
we sketch & choose from fabric swatches for the project that 
we’re working on now; stockholm’s new mall : MOOD,
with glass, space, height, ~ & juice bar for a neighbor
and we meet with artisans who worked with leather since
1800’s {well, no; their tannery has been around since then.
ergo; we have not encountered immortal pirates. yet.}

we dream of warm seas and the sounds inside of shells.
and we’re wistfully awaiting a boat to reach sweden in february,
~ loaded to capacity with love warrior treasures. soon the web shop
will launch; so that you can spy beforehand with us ..

with love,

the warriors




selfportrait : hannah lemholt
shell pendant long : soon in le shop 
image bank for bloggers filling up here
got questions ? get answers : info@lwos.se
© hannah lemholt | love warriors 


preps & props



medan dimslöjorna sveper över
trädgårdarna utanför,
~ & ljuset egentligen är lite för skralt, tas det 
trots allt bilder.. och så fingras det, andäktigt,
på det som snart ska finnas i ’le shop’..

ben & horn, korg & strå, brons & snäckor.
det är ganska underbart, kan man säga,
när man känner att man själv vill behålla precis
allt hemma, efter att det är färdig-plåtat.



 shell bracelet : love warriors s/s’13 | stag amulet fringe kimono : spell


i mötet mellan det där rå-kalla utanför
och alla de fina mail som kommer ända
från ett australien med ständig hetta 
& värmerekord, slår det oss hur bra, minst
bra som vi såg framför oss, ~ de vita snäckorna och
de andra utvalda detaljerna från andra sidan,
från solsidan klotet, ~ nu gör sig mot det avskalade
nordiska, mot de lockiga fårfällarna
~ & den rena, bleka färgskalan i badrummet.  



vi snickrar vidare på web-butiken som snart är klar,
tänder ljus, drömmer lite, ~ & undrar vad Ni
gör av de här första dagarna av ett alldeles nytt år
och vad Ni längtar efter.. kanske är det rent av
något av det vi kan uppfylla, när väl våren,
~ & årets krigar-stråt ska planeras..



skull candle : love warriors : coming soon

med kärlek,

the warriors




while misty fog-veils sweep the gardens outside,
~ & the light in reality is a bit too insufficient,
we’re doing a photoshoot after all. and so
we finger, devotionally, the items that soon
will be available in ’le shop’.

bone & horn, wicker & straw, bronze & shells.
it’s quite wonderful when you feel like
you wanna keep it all there, at home,
when the shoot is done.

in the meet between that raw cold outside,
and all the sweet e-mails & questions
coming from an australia of constant sunshine 
& heat records breaking, it strikes us how
beautifully, at least as beautiful as we envisioned,
~ the white shell-pendants & other carefully
selected details from the other side; from
the sunny side of the globe, ~ now 
match the sober nordic style, the curly sheepskins,
and the pure & pale color scheme
in the bathroom.

we’ll ’hammer away’ at the web-shop,
that is soon to be open, light candles, dream
a little, ~ & wonder what You are up to
on these first days of a brand new year,
what You crave & long for..
perhaps there’s even some of it that
we might be able to fulfill, once
spring, ~ & this years loving warfare
is to be mapped out..

with love,

the warriors



image bank for bloggers filling up here
image bank for press : coming soon
got questions ? get answers : 
© hannah lemholt | love warriors





happy {handmade} new year




några av de saker vi själva är enormt förälskade i 
ur den 1a lilla love warriors kollektionen är de gamla,
handgjorda‚ ~ & unika krukorna Ni ser prov på här.
  det är detaljer som dem som blir pricken över i:et 
ett hem, tycker vi. det är det där med äkta känsla,
tidlöshet och både handgjort, ~ & handplockat; 
som vi faller för. om & om igen.

Ni {& vi} kan se fram emot de här, lite mindre,
godbitarna, ~ & även stora, unika urnor för 
golv. även dem vintage & underbara.
riktiga ’shut-up-pieces’..



till Er som väntar tålmodigt, peppande, ~ & allmänt 
fantastiska i rad på att butiken ska öppna;
vill vi viska lite om att de som skriver upp sig för att få kärleksbrev  
{via sign up for love letters fliken till vänster }
vill vi fira lite extra i jul & nyår ..
håll utkik bland Era mail efter kärlek, prenumeranter !

vi tror på saker som är gjorda för hand år 2013..
med hand och hjärta. det är grejer det.


en riktigt härlig jul .. & kärlek,

the warriors 


some of the things we ourselves are deeply in love with
from the 1st little love warriors collection is the old,
handmade, ~ & unique pots you see samples of in these photos.
  we think it’s details like those that is the icing on the cake
in a home. and it’s those things with authenticity, 
timelessness and the quality of being both handmade,
~ & handpicked, that we fall for. over & over again.

so, you {& we} have these; a little bit smaller lovelies to
look forward to, ~ & also much larger, unique urns
for the floor; those too vintage & gorgeous.
real ‘shut-up-pieces’ ..

.. and to you who are waiting patiently, happily cheering,
~ & generally just wonderfully, in that row for the store to
open {in the new year}; we wanna whisper
about the fact that those who sign up for love letters
{sign up for love letters via the tab on the left}
will be celebrated a little extra this Christmas & New Years ..
look out for love in your inbox, subscribers !

we believe in the things that are made by hand for 2013 ..
by hand and heart. now that’s the stuff.

with wishes for a beautiful christmas.. & love,

the warriors 



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© hannah lemholt | love warriors


light and dust



vissa platser tar en med storm. vissa med som en ljus sand-storm.
så var det när vi kom till ’vårt’ keramikställe bortom risfälten.
bara att en ljus, stor rymd öppnar sig, mitt i allt det gröna;
av mjuk grå puts & vit stuckatur,
och sedan alla ansikten; de vänliga, nyfikna.
hur vi kommunicerar med gester & léenden;
plötsligt självklart universella, medan det puder-rosa
dammet yr & sara’s skisser byter händer,
~ & finner form, från hennes hand och penna
till deras händer och lera.





keramiken från love warriors
kommer Ni att få ta del av då det nya året
tar sin början. med allt från detaljer med organisk
skön känsla; som salt – & pepparkaren som ligger som
smycken på bordet vad man än redan har för annat porslin,
~ till stora fat, tallrikar & koppar ritade av sara.





ny vacker vecka till Er.

med kärlek,
the warriors 


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© hannah lemholt | love warriors




some places takes you by storm. some by light sand storm even.
that’s what visiting ‘our’ pottery place beyond the rice fields, felt like.
just that bright, large space opening up, amid all the green;
of clean, but soft gray concrete  and intricate white stucco,
and then all the faces; the friendly & curious.
how we communicated with gestures and smiles;
suddenly instantly universal, while the powder-pink
dust whirled & sara’s sketches changed hands,
~ & found form; from her hand and pen
to their hands and clay.

the love warriors ceramics
you’ll get to see as the new year begins.
with everything from deco details with an organic,
and such pleasant feeling; like the salt – & pepper shakers
that can be placed like ceramic jewelry on the table;
whatever porcelain you already use,
~ to large dishes, plates & cups designed by sara.

wishing you a beautiful new week.

with love,
the warriors