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Year of the Bird

The white dove, Sky-Circles, has literally flown all over the world, now hanging in homes from the countries of nordic light, to […]

year of the bird | a sneak peek

Back in autumn of 2014, - a small team was flown to Scotland for an LW shoot. They then, for […]

calendar making season | vol.2

        Following the already amazing response on the new LW photo art calendar for 2015,over on instagram […]

calendar making season

        As we whispered about over on instagram yesterday,it’s that time again..As the end of one year […]

the 4 first

      It was a very early February morning on the Island of the Gods,and neither the sun nor […]


         We would like to say Congratulations to you who managed to get your handson the sold […]

a midsummer love letter

    feathers on my breath necklace | bones & skulls necklace | etc     The warriors are getting […]

warriors around the world

          One of the Love Warriors projects for 2014,~ & also planned to be an ongoing […]

congrats & contingence

        Photo art. You know we love it.And by the sound of the numbers just swooshing byin […]

a warrior wish

      we’re sending you a warrior to, first of all wish all you loveliesa holiday seasonjust the way […]

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